18 Cult Skin Care Products Moms Love

It's true: When we mothers are not working, caring for children or toppling the patriarchy, we have been known to try and snatch back some of our youth (and fake some sleep) via the best skin care products out there. There’s been a surge in skin care's cool factor of late — perhaps because self-care is such a great escape from life/work/politics. Or maybe it’s just nice to see a smooth, refreshed face looking back at us in the mirror instead of our standard up-all-night look.

But there are just so many products out there — how to begin? To help you navigate through the myriad antiaging agents and refreshing items available, here is a list of tried-and-true favorites from moms who know what’s up. These are the very best, most sought-after items in skin care-savvy moms’ medicine cabinets. And there’s something for everyone — whether you can spring for the buzzed-about $185 Vintner’s Daughter wonder serum or just want to add a $5 Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm to your Target cart, you’ll find something worthwhile here. So treat yourself; a little self-care can work wonders.

A version of this story was originally published March 26, 2018.


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