The Best Indie Baby Beauty Brands

May 4, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Best Indie Baby Beauty Brands
Image: Minois, Babytime!, Botanical Therapy, Fairy Tales/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

There seems to be an unwritten rule that the moment you bring a tiny, innocent human into the world, you start scrutinizing everything in your surrounding environs. Items that once passed muster for you without a second thought are suddenly the worst possible idea for your baby.

One of the first areas to go under the microscope is usually personal care products — after all, they go directly on our skin. And while we'll always have a soft spot for drugstore beauty, there's something a bit more reassuring about shopping small in this department. 

For one, independently owned brands have a greater tendency to err on the side of natural and organic, and there's a whole lot of thought and care behind what's put into their products. Plus, there's the sense of discovery and support for the underdogs that can't be beat.

We dug deep to find 12 indie baby beauty brands that should be on every mom's radar; click through to see them all.

1 /12: Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd Bath Products
Image: Tubby Todd

1/12 :Tubby Todd

2 /12: Minois Paris

Minois Baby Products
Image: Minois

2/12 :Minois Paris

3 /12: 10&Co

10 & Co. Oils
Image: 10&Co

3/12 :10&Co

4 /12: Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel
Image: Fairy Tales

4/12 :Fairy Tales

5 /12: Botanical Therapy

Botanical Therapy Products
Image: JoliMoli

5/12 :Botanical Therapy

6 /12: Baby Pibu

Baby Pibu Products
Image: Baby Pibu

6/12 :Baby Pibu

7 /12: Baja Baby

Baja Baby
Image: Baja Baby

7/12 :Baja Baby

8 /12: Dapple

Dapple Personal Care
Image: Dapple

8/12 :Dapple

9 /12: Little Twig

Little Twig
Image: Little Twig

9/12 :Little Twig

10 /12: Baby Mantra

Baby Mantra Bath Products
Image: Baby Mantra

10/12 :Baby Mantra

11 /12: BabyTime! by Episencial

BabyTime! by Episencial Mighty Shield and Playful Wash
Image: Babytime!

11/12 :BabyTime! by Episencial

12 /12: Babyganics

Image: Babyganics

12/12 :Babyganics