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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for March

Is it just us, or does March always seem to drag on endlessly? First comes the new year, then comes Valentine’s Day, then comes… the slush. It can feel like we’re waiting in the mud for the thaw of winter to be complete (and the sunny days of spring to begin) for… well, forever. But there is a silver, fish-driven lining: During these rainy, slushy springtime days, Pisces rules. 

With the fish sign in the spotlight, this makes March a positive time for indulging in emotions, evoking creativity and spending more time with those you love — whether or not they (or you) are a Pisces. So are you ready to face your feelings, make some stuff and hang with your clan? This month, we spoke to astrologer Rachel Lang for her insight on all that March will bring for parents of all signs. Ahead is your guide to what the stars have in store for you and your family this month. 

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