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The Chicest Diaper Bags in Disguise

Diaper bags are a necessary tool of the parenting trade. But few new parents want one that screams, “Mom!”

But never fear, fashionable parents of 2018. We live in a glorious time for elegant kid stuff. Gone are the days when we were forced to schlep around with bags in cheesy patterns (hi, quilted trains and clowns motif). Nowadays, diaper backpacks in every chic style, color and material abound — and they don’t look remotely like diaper bags. Seriously. If you squint, you can almost imagine a hip, child-free lady tossing her bikini or laptop into one of these bad boys. In short: They’re cool.

But all the great options available are almost overwhelming. So we’ve done the research for you and rounded up the top diaper bags in disguise. Inside these beauties likely lurks a bottle of breast milk, a spit-up stained swaddle and 15 rumpled diapers. But outside, the bags are sleek, clean and Pinterest-perfect. Yep: These babies do the dirty work, but you’d never guess it. 

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