The Chicest Diaper Bags in Disguise

by Lindsey Hunter Lopez
Feb 17, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Diaper bags are a necessary tool of the parenting trade. But few new parents want one that screams, “Mom!"

But never fear, fashionable parents of 2018. We live in a glorious time for elegant kid stuff. Gone are the days when we were forced to schlep around with bags in cheesy patterns (hi, quilted trains and clowns motif). Nowadays, diaper backpacks in every chic style, color and material abound — and they don’t look remotely like diaper bags. Seriously. If you squint, you can almost imagine a hip, child-free lady tossing her bikini or laptop into one of these bad boys. In short: They’re cool.

But all the great options available are almost overwhelming. So we've done the research for you and rounded up the top diaper bags in disguise. Inside these beauties likely lurks a bottle of breast milk, a spit-up stained swaddle and 15 rumpled diapers. But outside, the bags are sleek, clean and Pinterest-perfect. Yep: These babies do the dirty work, but you’d never guess it. 

1 /12: Presidio Vegan Leather Diaper Tote

1/12 :Presidio Vegan Leather Diaper Tote

We're pretty sure no one would expect this sleek tote to be a diaper bag. The Presidio comes in blush, navy, black and gray, and you can have it personalized with gold embossed letters. Because classy. Inside the roomy tote is a changing pad and all the side pockets you could ever want; they’re even bottle-size. The top zips shut so diapers and nursing pads don’t go flying out whenever they feel like it.

Presidio vegan leather diaper tote, $99 at Pottery Barn Kids

2 /12: Kaydee Baby Faux Leather Diaper Backpack

2/12 :Kaydee Baby Faux Leather Diaper Backpack

This affordable option looks like a hip backpack, but it’s not. Well, it is, but it’s also a stealth diaper bag, and it even comes with a changing pad. All of its (11!) interior pockets were designed with new parents in mind, and the faux-leather exterior is super-cool, from the gold hardware to the streamlined design.

Faux-leather diaper backpack, $51.98 at Kaydee Baby

3 /12: Marc Jacobs Nylon Biker Baby Bag

3/12 :Marc Jacobs Nylon Biker Baby Bag

Trendy parents will love Marc Jacobs’ sporty spin on the diaper bag. It's an edgy-looking carryall with all the right pockets — plus a changing pad, naturally. It also includes a removable shoulder strap.

Marc Jacobs nylon biker baby bag, $295 at  Shopbop

4 /12: Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Diaper Satchel

4/12 :Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Diaper Satchel

This Skip Hop classic maybe looks a little like a diaper bag, but it’s just so damn organized, we've got to love it. The beloved classic features 12 pockets, a changing pad and a handy stroller strap. Bottles fit easily in the exterior pockets, and the front compartment can flip up or down for different looks.

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown diaper satchel, $99.99 at Amazon

5 /12: Fawn Design Mini Backpack

5/12 :Fawn Design Mini Backpack

Fawn Design’s popular diaper bag is now available in a hip, '90s-esque mini version. And the colors are amazing. Forest green, pale pink, gray, black and brown are available. Though this bag is small, it packs a punch. There’s still plenty of storage space for baby gear in there, and there are nine roomy pockets. The adorable bonus? When your baby gets bigger, they can wear the Fawn mini as a full-size backpack all their own.

Mini backpack, $89.99 at Fawn Design

6 /12: Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

6/12 :Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

This outdoorsy classic isn’t a diaper bag per se, but it’s a super-popular backpack for parents. The Kånken is practical, stylish and lightweight — and its compartments are perfect for baby gear. Plus, the color combinations are seemingly endless. It also comes in a mini size for those who prefer to travel light.

Fjällräven Kånken backpack, $80 at Nordstrom

7 /12: Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

7/12 :Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Now available in trendy millennial pink, aka blush (as well as navy, ivory, tan, gray and black), Freshly Picked’s lovely bag is just begging to appear on your Instagram, baby or not. Features include 10 pockets, a magnetic front closure, a top handle and a changing pad. But the best thing about this bag is that you can wear it three different ways: as a purse, a cross-body or a backpack.

Diaper bag, $175 at Freshly Picked

8 /12: Lässig Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack

8/12 :Lässig Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack

Minimalists and environmentalists will love the Lässig diaper backpack. The Green Label model, Tyve, is made from lightweight sustainable material Tyvek, which is also durable and water-repellent. Handy accessories include an insulated bottle holder, a changing pad and a stroller attachment. The exterior is very simple, but don’t be fooled. Inside, it’s packed with pockets, so you can organize to your green-loving heart's content.

Green Label Tyve diaper backpack, $134.95 at Lässig

9 /12: Tiba + Marl Elwood Backpack

9/12 :Tiba + Marl Elwood Backpack

This one really doesn’t look like a diaper bag. And no wonder: It's pricey and looks like a luxe, fashion-forward backpack. But that's because it is one. Available in black or silver, the faux-leather Elwood backpack arrives in a dust bag because it’s fancy like that. It includes plenty of pockets, an insulated bottle holder, a laptop sleeve (ooh-la-la) and a changing pad, among other features.

Tiba + Marl Elwood backpack, $250 at Shopbop

10 /12: Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack

10/12 :Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack

Petunia Pickle Bottom may be a silly name, but the brand makes some serious baby bags. The Pathway pack’s coated-canvas color-block makes for a cool messenger bag that's also so much more: Inside the easy-clean exterior are pockets and a changing pad. It's available in five different colors, and you can carry it as a cross-body or a backpack.

Pathway pack, $159.99 at Petunia Pickle Bottom

11 /12: Lässig Glam Goldie

11/12 :Lässig Glam Goldie

The latest from Lässig comes in pastels, but don’t let the sweet colors fool you; this bag isn’t messing around. The Glam Goldie is sturdy and functional, and it has so many accessories. There's the usual changing pad and stroller strap, but it also includes a removable baby food compartment, a key ring, a bottle holder and even more. Available in pink, mint and dark gray.

ssig Glam Goldie diaper backpack, $131.95 at Baby Cubby

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