10 Zara Home Kids Pieces Adults Will Want Too

by Domino
Feb 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Tradition dictates that after a certain age, you quit the kids section in favor of more sophisticated, upscale finds. Tradition has clearly never seen the wide variety of kids furniture and decor available on the market right now: Gone are the kitschy, cheap pieces riddled with cliché. The options for children today are chic, on-trend and typically more affordable than their grown-up counterparts.

Case in point: the new Zara Home kids collection for spring. Dubbed “The Coolest Gym Crew,” it’s playful, colorful and everything you’d want in a children's collection. And while there are certain items definitely geared toward little ones — we wouldn’t fault you for skipping over the elephant-shaped placemats yourself — other pieces seem to be adult-friendly too. Here are some of our favorites.

Originally published on Domino.

1 /10: Open Side Table

1/10 :Open Side Table

Minimalists, this one’s for you. A simple white addition to your undoubtedly already starkly decorated bedroom or living room, this basic piece is an easy storage solution and won’t take up much space.  

Open side table, $119 at Zara Home

2 /10: Striped Wooden Box

2/10 :Striped Wooden Box

For a slightly sturdier alternative to storage baskets, opt for these wooden boxes (you can even stack them to save space). Not feeling the natural finish? Give the box a fresh coat of paint to add a pop of color to any space and make it feel customized.

Striped wooden box, $29.90 at Zara Home

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3 /10: Knit Blanket With Small Raised Checks

3/10 :Knit Blanket With Small Raised Checks

At this point, yellow has been established as one of the preeminent colors of 2018. For a more subdued and timeless take on the vibrant hue, try a deep mustard shade. This knit blanket makes the perfect finishing touch to any bedding.

Knit blanket with small raised checks, $69.90 at Zara Home

4 /10: Laundry Basket With Handles

4/10 :Laundry Basket With Handles

The days of the plastic laundry hamper are over, friends. A chic woven one should be a staple in all homes, but we particularly love the bright-blue detailing on this one for an unexpected statement.

Laundry basket with handles, $89.90 at Zara Home

5 /10: Cotton Towel With Crochet Detail

5/10 :Cotton Towel With Crochet Detail

How gorgeous are these contrasting shades of pink? Pair them together to give an otherwise bland bathroom a fresh look just in time for spring. The careful crochet detailing adds a bit of sophistication too.

Cotton towel with crochet detail, $17.90 – $39.90 at Zara Home

6 /10: Round Paper Basket With Lid

6/10 :Round Paper Basket With Lid

The best thing about this basket is that it comes with a lid, meaning you can hide unsightly clutter within and no one will be the wiser. Pick up a couple to clean up your living space in no time.

Round paper basket with lid, $45.90 at Zara Home

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7 /10: Rattan Cage Side Table

7/10 :Rattan Cage Side Table

With on-trend rattan detailing and a glass surface, it’s hard to believe this was originally meant to be a kid's table. We imagine it going perfectly in any living room as an understated side table that can make a big statement. 

Rattan cage side table, $199 at Zara Home

8 /10: Blue Seersucker Duvet Cover

8/10 :Blue Seersucker Duvet Cover

Even if you’ve long graduated from twin bed status, you can still use this chic seersucker-printed cover as a throw at the foot of your bed. And if you live in a colder climate, it can never hurt to have extra blankets, right?

Blue seersucker duvet cover, $49.90 – $89.90 at Zara Home

9 /10: Gray Patchwork Triangles Cotton Rug

9/10 :Gray Patchwork Triangles Cotton Rug

Warm up wooden or tile floors with this blue and white rug. Geometric shapes lend a contemporary feel while still being classic enough to adapt to any decor scheme — and last you for years to come.

Grey patchwork triangles cotton rug, $119 at Zara Home

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10 /10: Wooden Shelving

10/10 :Wooden Shelving

Another easily customizable piece, this simple wooden shelving unit is a must if you're low on storage. It’s also a great option for the less-glamorous parts of your home that need organizing, like a laundry room or garage.

Wooden shelving, $119 at Zara Home