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The New Kid-Friendly Pajama Lounge You Never Knew You Needed

We know; we know. You’re still coveting your neighbor’s perfectly organized mudroom or your sister-in-law’s ridiculously chic and fully stocked gift-wrapping nook under the stairs. But those home locales are so early 2000s. And you’re just in time to get in on the coolest, coziest home trend of 2018: the pajama lounge.

Known also as healing chambers or feasting rooms (huh?), the pajama lounge is a modern, family-friendly alternative to a boisterous rec room or stuffy den, usually situated on an upper floor tucked out of the way of major foot traffic. The idea of a private upstairs family gathering space isn’t exactly new; it harkens back to noble floors of Italian palazzos, where intimate receptions were often held or upstairs retiring rooms, where weary mothers could nurse their little ones or take a snooze.

And now, modern pajama lounges are officially a thing (the proof is how often architects and interior designers are fielding requests about them). Think of it as a place for a gentler transition into morning or bedtime: a little predawn coffee spot while you wait for the rest of the house to wake up or a quiet perch to watch low-key TV while keeping your bedroom an electronics-free zone. It’s also a great place for family to gather to have some alone-time, together.

Anything goes in a pajama lounge — as long as PJs are encouraged. Warning: You and your kids may never leave home again.

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