The New Kid-Friendly Pajama Lounge You Never Knew You Needed

by User
Feb 11, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

We know; we know. You're still coveting your neighbor's perfectly organized mudroom or your sister-in-law's ridiculously chic and fully stocked gift-wrapping nook under the stairs. But those home locales are so early 2000s. And you're just in time to get in on the coolest, coziest home trend of 2018: the pajama lounge.

Known also as healing chambers or feasting rooms (huh?), the pajama lounge is a modern, family-friendly alternative to a boisterous rec room or stuffy den, usually situated on an upper floor tucked out of the way of major foot traffic. The idea of a private upstairs family gathering space isn't exactly new; it harkens back to noble floors of Italian palazzos, where intimate receptions were often held or upstairs retiring rooms, where weary mothers could nurse their little ones or take a snooze.

And now, modern pajama lounges are officially a thing (the proof is how often architects and interior designers are fielding requests about them). Think of it as a place for a gentler transition into morning or bedtime: a little predawn coffee spot while you wait for the rest of the house to wake up or a quiet perch to watch low-key TV while keeping your bedroom an electronics-free zone. It's also a great place for family to gather to have some alone-time, together.

Anything goes in a pajama lounge — as long as PJs are encouraged. Warning: You and your kids may never leave home again.

1 /9: Quiet Zone

1/9 :Quiet Zone

You won't have to shush the kids in this pajama lounge — because there's plenty of space for everyone to play, make art, read or have that ever-precious screen-time. Relaxing together is the name of the game in the pajama lounge world. No need to take off your pore-cleansing charcoal mask either — the UPS guy can't see you through the upstairs window.

2 /9: Cuddle Up

2/9 :Cuddle Up

Pajama lounge perfection? Possibly. Cozy, cuddly textiles and plush beanbags and pillows make this a haven for family snuggles — and bedtime stories.

3 /9: Chaise the Dream

3/9 :Chaise the Dream

Have you never known quite where to park that fabulous velvet chaise you picked up at the antique market? The pajama lounge will happily make use of it, turning a dull bookcase into a wow-worthy reading (and napping) corner for anyone in the family.

4 /9: Invite the Outdoors In

4/9 :Invite the Outdoors In

Got a terrific view you're always forgetting about? Point your pajama lounge in that direction. Slow down, put your feet up, and take it all in. Listen to the birds chirp while a Lego Death Star is built at your feet. You don't need our permission, but we're giving it to you anyway.

5 /9: Go Crazy With Color

5/9 :Go Crazy With Color

Pajama lounges don't need to stick to soothing pastels. Why not have a blast decorating yours with all those bold hues you and your kids love — but haven't figured out how to use in the rest of the house? Better yet, let the kids pick the palette. Lounge boldly, friends.

6 /9: A Spot for Bedtime Snacks

6/9 :A Spot for Bedtime Snacks

Hey, don't get the wrong idea. Pajama lounges aren't all about napping. An unobtrusive table and an array of mod chairs carve out a sweet space for any sudden attacks of the bedtime munchies — and makes breakfast and coffee seem, well, less far away. Rise and shine!

7 /9: Guests Welcome

7/9 :Guests Welcome

A pajama lounge easily does double duty as an intimate but relaxed guest room for unexpected family and friends. Really, who would want to leave?

8 /9: Make Music Together

8/9 :Make Music Together

Encourage your fam to make music together. A comfy pajama lounge makes a great place for an impromptu sing-along — or karaoke party — and an excellent spot for little rock stars in training to practice drums or soaring electric guitar riffs. (Soundproofing not included.)

9 /9: Take It Outside

9/9 :Take It Outside

The best thing about pajama lounges is that there really are no rules. Check out this delicious outdoor family space that makes use of a formerly neglected porch. Imagine candles, cocoa and quilt-time before bed on a brisk night — or fresh ice tea and family vacation planning on a summer afternoon. Heck, forget the vacation. This is prime staycation real estate.