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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for February

It’s true: The love you have for those rugrats of yours is about as powerful and unconditional as it gets. Even though you might still be gaga over your partner — yep, even after all the ups and downs — there’s nothing quite like the affection you feel for that sweet little spirit you greet each morning. Since February is the month of the heart — and of course all things Cupidity on Valentine’s Day — the scattering of stars in the sky is ready to guide you toward parenting with kindness and compassion.

The Jan. 31 lunar eclipse in Leo (much like the sensation of falling in love), affects everyone with a sudden resolution or culmination of events, explains Damon, premier astrologer and spiritual advisor at Beacon Truth. In other words, you might feel relief and be more tempted to play with your kids since the lion’s energy is running rampant. He adds that you might also find yourself and your family filled with more energy for the next 30 days, as Mars moves into Sagittarius.

Here, a look at the universe’s parenting predictions for February.

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