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Feminist Sweaters for Little Activists

It can be tough to remember all the life lessons you hope to teach your kids someday… somehow. From how to mind their manners to why they shouldn’t fear others’ differences to why they have to do their homework before screen-time. But in addition to all the everyday teachable moments that parents hope will mold their children into respectful mini humans, illustrating the importance of equality and women’s rights can feel like a heavy topic to tackle. But it doesn’t have to be.

For one thing, there are plenty of books to get the conversation about feminism — or for older kids, even the deeper conversation about sexual harassment and assault — started. And once you’ve got your parent-child reading list set, why not arm kiddo with a smart feminist top to boot? With the sweaters, sweatshirts and other cozy tops ahead, you’ll be inspired to explain the purpose behind the shirt’s messages — all while keeping your kid toasty all winter.

After all, even if it’s cold outside, the political landscape is just now heating up. And we have a new generation of activists to prepare for battle. So suit up!

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