Feminist Sweaters for Little Activists

by Lindsay Tigar
Jan 24, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Feminist Tops for Kids |
Image: Image: Getty Images, LittleActivists/Design: Mike Commins/SheKnows

It can be tough to remember all the life lessons you hope to teach your kids someday... somehow. From how to mind their manners to why they shouldn’t fear others' differences to why they have to do their homework before screen-time. But in addition to all the everyday teachable moments that parents hope will mold their children into respectful mini humans, illustrating the importance of equality and women's rights can feel like a heavy topic to tackle. But it doesn’t have to be.

For one thing, there are plenty of books to get the conversation about feminism — or for older kids, even the deeper conversation about sexual harassment and assault — started. And once you've got your parent-child reading list set, why not arm kiddo with a smart feminist top to boot? With the sweaters, sweatshirts and other cozy tops ahead, you'll be inspired to explain the purpose behind the shirt's messages — all while keeping your kid toasty all winter.

After all, even if it’s cold outside, the political landscape is just now heating up. And we have a new generation of activists to prepare for battle. So suit up!

1 /7: 'Girls Just Want Fundamental Rights' Sweater

1/7 :'Girls Just Want Fundamental Rights' Sweater

Every parent imagines a brighter world for their children, right? We hope they'll grow up being celebrated for who they are and with the freedom and tools necessary to live happy, fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, many injustices — sex-based and otherwise — still persist. But we can just see them as yet another runway from which our kids' generation can take off and work for change, right? Get your kid started early on the push toward equality with this sweater that says it all.

"Girls Just Want Fundamental Rights" sweater, $41 at FeministApparel/Etsy

2 /7: 'Love Is Love' Sweatshirt

2/7 :'Love Is Love' Sweatshirt

We need to raise our kids to celebrate all the many ways in which love makes a family. Regardless of whether your kid is growing up in an LGBTQ family, this cozy sweatshirt will be a daily reminder that love is love — and love always wins.

"Love Is Love" pride sweatshirt, $37 at JosephAndSue/Etsy

3 /7: 'Feminist' Sweatshirt

3/7 :'Feminist' Sweatshirt

While a turbulent political climate can incite a feeling of unease in many households, the silver lining is how it opens up important conversations with kids. Because kids will likely ask questions about news rumblings they hear in school or on TV, you have the opportunity to explain what it means to support equality — and why it’s important to proudly claim the title of "feminist." Pack this sweatshirt in kiddo's gym bag so they can be vocal in the hallways too.

"Feminist" sweatshirt, $28 at DuckRiotClothing/Etsy

4 /7: 'No Stereotypes' Top

Feminist Tops for Kids | No Stereotypes
Image: LittleActivists.com

4/7 :'No Stereotypes' Top

Maybe your kid could care less about arbitrarily gendered and gender-stereotypical colors, toys and clothes. Well, that's just grand; let them be whoever they want to be with this warm, long-sleeved tee that straight-up says no to stereotypes.

Little Activists "No Stereotypes" baseball tee, $25 at LittleActivists

5 /7: 'Nevertheless, She Persisted' Sweater

5/7 :'Nevertheless, She Persisted' Sweater

Much like your parents probably remember exactly where they were when JFK was assassinated, you may forever recall where you were when Donald Trump was elected president. But throughout the tough times of the past year, you and your family have persisted — and the work of encouraging kids to be tolerant and open-minded never ends. Remind them that against all odds, they can — and must — stand true to their values and beliefs. Since there are still three more years to go, let this lightweight, oversize sweater grow with your babe as the resistance carries on.

"Nevertheless, She Persisted" sweater, $20 at pinkboxstudio/Etsy

6 /7: 'Cats Against Catcalls' Sweatshirt

6/7 :'Cats Against Catcalls' Sweatshirt

There’s a fine parenting balance between protecting your kids from the negative experiences they’ll inevitably experience and preparing them to handle whatever curveballs (and insults and profanities) are sure to be thrown their way. As your kid approaches adolescence and then (*gulp*) adulthood, let this sweatshirt be the icebreaker for an important conversation about sexual harassment.

"Cats Against Catcalls" sweatshirt, $41 at FeministApparel/Etsy

7 /7: 'GRL PWR' Sweatshirt

7/7 :'GRL PWR' Sweatshirt

Forget the Disney princesses; your brilliant, brave and brazen kid has a far better group of role models to look up to. From poet Maya Angelou to activist Frida Kahlo and other influential, powerful, history-making females, this sweatshirt allows kids to proudly show respect for the women who came before them. And hey, it’s OK if you imagine a world where one day your kid's face is among those greats too.

"GRL PWR" sweater, $37 at JosephAndSue/Etsy

Psst: If you only intended to buy one of these sweaters but now are tempted to add all of ‘em to your kiddo’s closet, we won’t tell. After all, just like you can never have too much red wine, the same goes for a wardrobe that teaches children about equality.