The Most Inspiring Kid Moments Caught on Security Cameras

Did you know home security cameras offer benefits other than just, you know, safety? Most new security cameras have cloud storage and live feeds directly to your smartphone, aiming to give you peace of mind by helping you keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Well, apparently these gadgets are also great for catching happy moments and random acts of kindness from kids. Yep, you read that right: Kids being kind on camera when they don’t even realize someone’s watching.

With record tropical storms, wildfires and deep political divides across the U.S., 2017 was pretty rough. But on the positive side, it was a banner year for adorable kids on security cameras. Who knew? 

From finding a home to sharing the love (aka the candy) to returning lost funds to their rightful owners, these kids are living — and loving — it up on hidden camera. Hopefully, the moments (and GIFs) we rounded up ahead will warm your heart and encourage you — and your kids — to choose kindness in 2018.