14 of Your Favorite Beauty Brands That Also Make Products for Baby

by Cristina Velocci
Jan 26, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Years ago, before I had a child of my own, I remember sitting in a friend’s bathroom while she gave her toddler a bath. I interrupted our conversation with a sudden revelation: “They make Cetaphil for babies?!” It turns out they do, and the fact that something I always stocked in my own medicine cabinet was available in miniature (or in this case, for miniatures) utterly delighted me.

Now that I'm a mom and much more aware of baby stuff, I experience this gleeful realization time and again as I discover lots more familiar beauty brands that have dedicated lines for little ones. And it makes sense. You only want to use the best stuff on your kid, so why not choose something you already know and love?

Here are 14 such companies, which allow you to match your skin care routine to your baby's. Worst case scenario: If something doesn't work for your infant, you know you'll have no problem stealing it for yourself

1 /15: Skinfix

1/15 :Skinfix

This natural skin care line was developed around a healing balm founder Amy Gordinier-Regan discovered in rural Nova Scotia, and the super-emollient products continue to treat all manner of skin irritations, from dryness and redness to eczema — something that affects 20 percent of newborns. 

If your baby happens to be one of that 20 percent, you'll want to stock up on Skinfix's colloidal oatmeal–packed Gentle Eczema Balm ($18.99) and Gentle Eczema Soothing Body Cream ($14.99), which keep flare-ups at bay. Other items specifically created for the diaper set include a Gentle Hair & Body Wash ($14.99) and Gentle Lotion ($14.99), both of which are fragrance-free.

2 /15: Palmer's Baby

2/15 :Palmer's Baby

Many pregnant women swear by Palmer's cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks, so it stands to reason they'd rely on the same deeply hydrating formula to keep their babies' skin supple.

In addition to a vitamin E–laced Baby Butter Massage Cream ($5.95), the line harnesses cocoa butter for a zinc-fortified Bottom Butter ($5.50), a creamy Baby Wash ($6.95) and a multipurpose Skin Therapy Baby Oil ($11.95) that can be used to treat everything from eczema to cradle cap. 

3 /15: Chantecaille Bébé

3/15 :Chantecaille Bébé

Whether it's personal style or pastries, the French always seem to do things better, don't they? And that apparently extends to baby care products. Family-run skin care and makeup brand Chantecaille's Bébé collection is about as luxe as it gets — and no detail is spared, from the adorably illustrated packaging to the heavenly sophisticated scents.

As such, you can expect to pay a premium on the botanical products, which include a Flower Petal Hair & Body Wash ($49), Orange Blossom Face Cream ($48) and Wild Moss Rose Body Lotion ($55) that smooth on like silk. We suppose it's never too early to start teaching Baby about the finer things in life.

4 /15: CeraVe Baby

4/15 :CeraVe Baby

Skin-strengthening ceramides are at the core of this dermatologist-developed skin care line, and you'll find them in all five items designed for baby: a Moisturizing Lotion ($9.99), heavier duty Moisturizing Cream ($8.45), tear-free Wash & Shampoo ($9.97), SPF 45 Sunscreen Lotion ($12.99) and lanolin-free Healing Ointment ($9.99), which is intended to treat diaper rash but works just as well on dry patches and minor scrapes. 

5 /15: Beautycounter Baby

5/15 :Beautycounter Baby

After learning about all the harmful ingredients found in traditional cosmetics, mom of three Gregg Renfrew created Beautycounter to offer luxe makeup, skin and body care that's safe yet effective.

The brand has banned more than 1,500 chemicals from its products, documented in an exhaustive "Never List," so you can rest easy while bathing your babe with its Gentle All-Over Wash ($20) or slathering on the nongreasy Soothing Oil ($22), a blend of organic coconut, jojoba and sunflower seed extracts.

Other clean picks include a Calming Diaper Rash Cream ($18) and ointmentlike Daily Protective Balm ($22) for spot-treating dry patches. 

6 /15: Tom's of Maine

6/15 :Tom's of Maine

Yep, your go-to for natural deodorant and toothpaste also makes diaper cream ($10.99) for baby. But that's not the only thing Tom's of Maine offers in ridiculously cute animal-bedecked packaging. You'll find Moisturizing Lotion ($10.99) and Baby Wash & Shampoo ($9.99) in fragrance-free and lightly scented versions, plus SPF 30 sunscreen ($16.99) and fruit-flavored Toddler Training Toothpaste ($3.99) that helps instill good oral hygiene habits from 3 months and up. 

7 /15: Shea Moisture

7/15 :Shea Moisture

If you have textured hair, chances are you already know and love this Black-owned beauty brand, which uses certified organic shea butter in all of its hair, body, bath and makeup products.

Shea Moisture's baby range of lotions and shampoos is extensive, but some highlights include a soothing lavender room spray ($8.99) that sets the stage for sleep and a eucalyptus and mint body wash ($9.99) that alleviates stuffy noses — especially when used during steamy baths.

8 /15: Everyone Baby

8/15 :Everyone Baby

You may be familiar with California-based EO Products through its cultish lavender hand sanitizers (and if you haven't experienced them, get on it), but the baby care line from its more affordable sister brand Everyone is just as worthy of your attention.

Plant extracts and essential oils remain at the core of all the products, and you can learn more about the ingredients used in their Baby Green Glossary (spoiler: They're never toxic or harmful). The lotion ($6.99) and baby wash ($7.99) come in two scents: mellow Calendula + Oat and soothing Chamomile + Lavender, which help signal that it's day or night, respectively, through baby's olfactory senses.

There's also a certified-organic baby oil ($8.99) — a blend of sunflower, jojoba, avocado and olive oils with nourishing vitamin E — and pillow-soft baby wipes ($5.99) that are flushable since they're made from plant fibers. 

9 /15: Weleda Baby

9/15 :Weleda Baby

Weleda's much-revered Skin Food may have been your gateway to this holistic skin care brand, but there's a whole other rabbit hole to fall down into with its comprehensive baby care offerings.

Much of the line centers around calming calendula, which shows up in everything from diaper ($14), face ($13.50), bath ($17) and body creams ($12.50) to lotion ($16.50), oil ($17.50), bar soap ($8) and a combo shampoo and wash ($13).

Should your baby have the type of skin that seems to turn red whenever you look at it, there's also a White Mallow lotion ($17) and face cream ($14) that form a natural protective barrier. Last but not least, a sweet almond massage oil ($16) helps alleviate tummy troubles that so often plague infants.

10 /15: Baby Dove

10/15 :Baby Dove

Dove launched its baby line last April with a buzzy #RealMoms campaign, making this junior offshoot of the drugstore stalwart a relative newcomer. You'll find its creamy Tip to Toe Wash ($5.89), ultra-hydrating lotion ($7.99) and delicately perfumed wipes ($4.49) in two options: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture. 

If you're looking to make your changing table a bit extra (or just searching for a great gift), the former two items in the classic collection can be personalized on Baby Dove's website for $25. Cutest of all is the mini version of Dove's iconic beauty bar ($2.49) in case you're a bar soap kind of household (no judgment).

11 /15: Aquaphor Baby

11/15 :Aquaphor Baby

You may already be aware that Aquaphor makes a baby version of its indispensable all-purpose ointment in a tube ($10.49) and a tub ($10.99) — hey, you may even own stock in the company now that you've gone through so much of the stuff. 

But it might surprise you to hear that the brand also makes a zinc oxide–fortified Diaper Rash Cream ($5.98) and a mild Gentle Wash & Shampoo ($7.99) that contains soothing chamomile for easily irritated baby skin. 

12 /15: Cetaphil Baby

12/15 :Cetaphil Baby

From the maker of everyone's favorite derm-approved face wash comes a just-as-gentle range of baby products, many of them formulated with organic calendula.

While the lotion ($10.49), body wash ($5.49) and massage oil ($6.99) are all solid picks, it's the vitamin-rich diaper cream ($5.49) that has become an oft-recommended registry favorite. And should the need arise, the Eczema Calming Wash ($9.99) and Eczema Calming Lotion ($9.99) are not to be missed: Their creamy consistency calms flare-ups like no other. 

13 /15: Aveeno Baby

13/15 :Aveeno Baby

This drugstore skin care brand is a popular pick when stocking up for Baby, and with four collections — Daily Care, Eczema Therapy, Soothing Relief and Calming Comfort — there's a body wash or lotion to suit nearly any infant skin type. 

Hero products include the lavender-scented Calming Comfort Lotion ($4.99) that helps Baby get into a sleepy state, the extra-unctuous Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm ($17.99) and — for when irritation really hits the fan — the Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment ($6.02) that'll have baby swimming in colloidal oatmeal (supervised, of course). 

14 /15: Burt's Bees Baby

14/15 :Burt's Bees Baby

Burt's Bees has become synonymous with its ubiquitous yellow beeswax lip balms, but the brand's natural baby care products are just as clutch.

The crowd-pleasing shampoos ($7 – $15) and lotions ($8 – $10) are available in three scents (clean-smelling Original, lavender and vanilla Calming and fragrance-free), but there's much more to the line — notably, a Daily Cream-to-Powder ($10) that keeps bottoms dry, a Kissable Cheeks Balm ($6) that tackles drool rash in one swipe and Face & Hand Cloths ($6) that come in especially handy once purées are introduced. 

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