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14 of Your Favorite Beauty Brands That Also Make Products for Baby

Years ago, before I had a child of my own, I remember sitting in a friend’s bathroom while she gave her toddler a bath. I interrupted our conversation with a sudden revelation: “They make Cetaphil for babies?!” It turns out they do, and the fact that something I always stocked in my own medicine cabinet was available in miniature (or in this case, for miniatures) utterly delighted me.

Now that I’m a mom and much more aware of baby stuff, I experience this gleeful realization time and again as I discover lots more familiar beauty brands that have dedicated lines for little ones. And it makes sense. You only want to use the best stuff on your kid, so why not choose something you already know and love?

Here are 14 such companies, which allow you to match your skin care routine to your baby’s. Worst case scenario: If something doesn’t work for your infant, you know you’ll have no problem stealing it for yourself

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