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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for January

The novelty of not only a new month but a new year may have you pointing a sharper eye toward your habits, routines and skills. In addition to resolving to move more and to (maybe, finally) learn to meditate, you might also challenge yourself to be a better parent. While admittedly, you’re already pretty darn awesome, being aware of outside factors that impact your communication, energy and mood might give you an extra hand to prep for a tantrum before it happens.

According to astrologist Tracy Atkinson, there is plenty of movement in the planets, and it all influences your daily life and interactions with your kids, your partner, your pals and your colleagues. Specifically, through January 2018, you might be feeling an extra dose of enthusiasm you haven’t had in months past (you know, because you’ve been #busy). As Atkinson explains, “Mars is a fiery planet of action, and Jupiter expands, continuing to make the next two and half weeks quite powerful. This is [when] courage and confidence are high, making it an excellent time to take initiative and bust through some fears — and support a child to conquer theirs.”

Here, a glimpse into your parenting horoscope for January 2018.

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