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12 Resolutions to Make You a Better Parent by 2019

Of all the jobs you’ve had, parent may well have proven to be the most difficult — but maybe also the most rewarding. Children — ours or other people’s — can teach us a ton of surprising lessons about life and love we might have missed without their jumping-off-the-walls instruction. And if you have kids, the upcoming new lap around the sun means another 365 days of chasing those wee ones. But how can you make this year the one when you really set a good example and mentor them the best you can as they prepare to fly off solo (eventually) into the real world? This New Year’s, take a moment to consider your parenting habits — rather than making the same-old NYE resolution to drink more green juice or hit the gym more often in 2018.

“Resolutions offer us an opportunity to accept aspects of our lives and ourselves that we want to change, to forgive ourselves for being imperfect and to try again,” explains child and adolescent psychiatrist Gayani Desilva. “We get to clean the proverbial slate and start anew whenever we make a resolution. As parents, making resolutions models for children that we can accept our weaknesses, misgivings and challenges and be hopeful about making changes.”

If a sweeping statement of intended change seems like a bit much to digest, consider making monthly micro-goals that’ll sustain your motivation throughout the year. Here, parenting experts offer their best ideas for monthly resolutions from January to December.

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