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Celebs Tell Us What They’re Getting Their Kids for the Holidays

Holiday shopping is awful enough for us normals — but for celebrity parents trying to find gifts for their kids, who by nature of their parents’ celebitude have everything? Please. It’s got to be crazy-making. That’s why plenty of stars simply skip gifts altogether (a practice of which I definitely approve). But for those celebs who do want to get their kids something this season, where do they turn? Well, usually they turn to… their kids and straight-up ask them what they want. Of course, this can lead to a few strange responses.

We caught up with seven celebs by chasing them down the street — JK it was over phone and email — and asked them just what they’re planning to gift their little ones this year. And from science kits to sewing machines to scooters to Hoola-Hoops to a sad George Clooney costume (wait, did I get that right?), it sounds like the next-gen A-team is shaping up to be quite an industrious and active bunch of celeb-minis. 

Read on for what actors and Olympians alike are giving their kids this year.

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