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Moms Reveal the Worst Holiday Gift Their Kid Ever Got

Parents, take heed: Here be dragons. Or rather, here be loud, gross, fire-breathing holiday disasters in the form of the most obnoxious toys ever. Even worse is the fact that kids seem to love them just as much as parents hate them. So take this as your warning and head these nightmares off at the pass.

If you hear about a relative plotting to purchase one of these troublesome toys or see one such nefarious item on your child’s wish list… shut. It. Down. And if one of them ends up entering your house despite all your efforts, you’ll just have to resort to plan B. Maybe that item gets “broken” or turns out it’s only “for older/younger kids”… or it simply gets lost. Do what you have to do.

The common traits of obnoxious toys? Tons of tiny pieces and major messes (glitter, anyone?) are definitely front-runners. But parents agree: Loud, noisy toys are just the worst.

And modern-day noisy toys are particularly annoying, explains mom of two Sara Nixon-Kirschner, because they often seem to come with an agenda: “Instead of just turning off, they say, ‘OK, goodbye. Let’s play again later, I guess, but super-soon, OK?’ and then your kid goes back to playing with them,” she says. “Especially diabolical when they haven’t touched the toy in five or 10 minutes and it reminds them, loudly, that it exists.” She’s not wrong.

And if it has no off switch, it shouldn’t exist. Los Angeles mom of two Francie Davis hates “any electronic toy that doesn’t have an on/off switch or volume control! We have this tiny guitar that if it accidentally gets hit, it turns on and won’t stop playing until it’s done with the song.” So annoying.

See all the most horrible toys out there this year in our handy slideshow ahead — and avoid them like the plague.

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