8 Gifts for Every Millennial Parent Type

by Lindsay Tigar
Dec 13, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Gifts for Every Millennial Parent |
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No matter what type of millennial parent you have in your life — or whether you are one too — it’s nice to remind them that even on those days when they can’t be bothered to put on anything more than an adult onesie, they’re still #nailing this parenting gig. Because being a mom or dad is a full-time job (you know, on top of that other job that actually pays via direct deposit). So it's important to approach parent gift giving by acknowledging every parent is a person — outside their kids and even their job. Regardless of whether the mom or dad you're shopping for is a retro fanatic, a wanderluster, a social media maven, a wine-loving yogi or all of the above, we've got some ideas for wrapped wonders that are just right.

Here, a look at the most interesting, wacky and useful gifts for every type of parent in 2017.

1 /9: For the activist

1/9 :For the activist

Have a parent friend who puts the "bad" in badass? If so, their toddler’s first political outing was probably to vote in the presidential election in 2016. And the second? To their local Women’s March in January. But even if kiddo isn’t old enough to fully comprehend the importance of the continued women’s movement, Mom or Dad wearing this T-shirt will at least get tots talking about feminists. Best of all? When the kid asks what the word means, parents get to hop on that soapbox they’re so good at standing on. (Psst: 10 percent of the purchases of this shirt goes toward the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood!)

"Wild Feminist" T-shirt, $40 at WildFang

2 /9: For the high-fidelity fan

2/9 :For the high-fidelity fan

Ah, the living room of a parent. That erstwhile collection of modern art, vintage finds and fragile furniture that is now home to approximately 3,445,669 crappy toys. But can't your fave parent have one luxury of adulthood? Meet the first Bluetooth turntable that does it all. It streams high-quality audio and plays records too. So even if the kids are screaming, Mom and Dad will be grateful they can drown them out with the Ramones. 

Trntbl by Vinyl, $500 at Trntbl

3 /9: For the workaholic

3/9 :For the workaholic

Real talk? Having a baby (or a toddler or a kid, or um, a spouse) is sometimes more work than any parent bargained for. There are likely plenty of mornings when your favorite mom haphazardly makes her way to the kitchen after a sleepless night of crying fits and discussions about nonexistent monsters under the bed — and still has to rally enough to get out the door and to work. But as she preps bowls of cereal, let this bad boy take her back to those halcyon pre-kid days — an espresso en terrasse in Paris, perhaps? This machine can create up to 15 barista-quality cups with its 42-ounce removable water reservoir, but she probably only needs two (or three).

CRUX 15-pump espresso maker, $149.99 at Macy’s

4 /9: For the social influencer

4/9 :For the social influencer

There’s no fashion code for the millennial parent, especially when your impressive friend is juggling a full-time job, a side gig and raising yet another entrepreneurial wonder (or four). That’s why we adore the 2017 jumpsuit trend for all genders; it's equally appropriate for brunch with kids, all those influencer photo shoots, runs to the bank and much-needed happy hour with friends (ahem, that’s you).

People of Leisure jumpsuits, $63 – 86 at People of Leisure; men's skinny jumpsuit in leaf print, $72 at Asos

5 /9: For the wannabe sommelier

5/9 :For the wannabe sommelier

Hey, parents' affection for (and impressive knowledge of) wine doesn’t subside just because they're now lugging around a kiddo or two. In fact, with the new layer of kid-induced stress, a glass at the end of the day may be just what Mom or Dad ordered.

Vinley Market Bubbles & Rose Wine Club, $59 at Vinley Market

6 /9: For the nature lover

6/9 :For the nature lover

Know a parent whose default escape mode is hitting the trails or posting up at the lake? Time to think green for your gift this year. Since this outdoorsy Mom or Dad is probably already well-stocked in tents/hammocks/fishing poles/hiking supplies, why not turn to an element of surprise? With the Mystery Tackle Box, your favorite fishing parent gets different tackle each month to add to their ever-growing collection.

Mystery Tackle Box gift subscription, starting $43.50 at Mystery Tackle Box

7 /9: For the snarky yogi

7/9 :For the snarky yogi

The reality — and frankly, the beauty — of raising children is that sometimes, it's not pretty. Fuel a multifaceted parent's ability to find Zen in the chaos with this collection of snarky teas that tell it like it is. Because staying calm while dropping F-bombs is what parenting is all about, right?

Snarky Tea bouquet, $69.99 at SnarkyTea

8 /9: For the horoscope fiend

8/9 :For the horoscope fiend

Shopping for a parent who knows your horoscope better than you do? It’s OK to roll your eyes when they blame your latest dilemma on Mercury in retrograde. But remind them you’re thankful for their connection to the universe with this zodiac towel — for astrology-tinged winter bathtimes and summer beach trips alike. 

Zodiac beach towel, $49.95 at Amazon

9 /9: Pin it!

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9/9 :Pin it!

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