Kid Gifts That Bust Gender Stereotypes

There are plenty of reasons to get children gifts that defy gender stereotypes. Maybe you’ve made a conscious decision to raise your kids in a gender-neutral way or your child self-identifies as fluid or nonconforming, or perhaps you’re the cool aunt who wants to help your niece or nephew start a gender revolution in middle school. Maybe you simply want to raise a kid who doesn’t feel tied to traditional gender roles. Or maybe you just want to stockpile a bunch of gifts you could give to a boy, a girl or whomever — at a moment’s notice.

It’s easy to find gender-neutral gifts for babies and little kids (after all, stuffed animals are for everyone!). As kids get older, though, it can feel tough to avoid all those tired gender stereotypes — especially when so many stores seem to divide their kids’ clothes and toys into “pink sparkly unicorns and princesses” and “blue construction equipment, dinosaurs and robots.”

But rest assured there are plenty of gifts out there that defy stereotypes — either by being entirely gender-neutral or turning an arbitrary gender convention on its head. Here are some game-changing gift ideas for every kid in your life, regardless of his/her/their/zir gender.