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Weird Toys You Didn’t Know Existed

They sell what? It does what? That’s what you’re about to ask yourself when you see these odd and hilarious toys. If you haven’t yet encountered these head-scratchers, you’re in for a shock — and a good laugh. And if your kid catches a glimpse of them, you might be whined into purchasing a few. From dolls that poop weird colors and shapes to a bathroom piano keyboard (?!?) to a game about tasting mystery liquids, we found all the strangest toys on the market and rounded them up in one alarming slideshow.

Because you know what? Kids are weird. And apparently, they love unicorns and poop. If your little rascals want to spend their hard-earned allowance or waste a wishlist spot on some squishy foot beads or a Weird Al action figure, who are we to judge? So put that edible parasite kit into your Amazon cart and order away. (Just don’t get the Enchantimals. You’ll see.)

A version of this article was originally published in December 2017. 

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