Where Do Celebs Really Buy Their Kids’ Clothes?

These days, celeb kids are just as stylish as (or even more so than) their famous parents. But where do celebrities shop for their kids’ fashion-forward wardrobes? For starters, they probably don’t shop the way the rest of us do. At least, we personally have never rubbed shoulders with Kate Middleton in Macy’s or found ourselves behind Gwen Stefani in the line at Target. We also don’t get nearly as many freebies as celebs likely do — which is extremely unfair seeing as they’re more likely to be able to afford these clothes anyway. But hey, that’s one of the paradoxical perks of being a V.F.P. — that’s very famous person.

The good news is that we’ve figured out exactly where celeb parents buy their kids’ clothes — or at least where they pay other people to go to buy those clothes for them. Now, for a price, your kid can look the Hollywood (or Buckingham Palace) part without having to deal with all the paparazzi and people wanting selfies with their mom and dad all the time.

The even better news? These clothes aren’t all insanely expensive. Gucci Wellingtons aside.