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Global Gifts for the Little Adventurer

Whether you’re shopping for the junior jet-setter in your life or just a kid with a planet-size desire to explore, the holidays are the perfect time to give kids a chance to expand their horizons.

As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” Sometimes, adventure means hitting the road — whether to a new country or just a drive to Grandma’s. And sometimes, adventure means simply imagining all the amazing places you might find yourself someday. After all, armchair exploration can be an awful lot of fun too — even when circumstances (and finances) don’t allow you to put that worldwide backpacking plan into action quite yet.

So whether you gift kiddo the perfect pants for a long car ride, a monthly assortment of snacks from another culture or a globe of their very own, the picks on this list are sure to help your future adventurer get inspired.

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