This Season's Cutest Holiday Outfits for Kids

by Claire Gillespie
Nov 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Cutest Holiday Outfits for Kids 2017
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Velvet loafers, sequined dresses, shiny skirts and dapper bow ties are not just for the grown-ups anymore. In fact, you might experience some serious style envy when shopping for your kids' outfits this holiday season.

Many major retailers offer lines for children that are just as stylish as — or even more than — their adult counterparts, and our top picks offer something for everyone, from the "all about the comfort" kid (we hear you) to the child who would prefer to be a mermaid for Christmas. Some of the items in the slideshow ahead are versatile separates prime for putting a unique twist on an overall look (sneakers with a sequined dress or suspenders with a shiny skirt perhaps?), while others are complete outfits, accessories included. We do suggest you take kiddo's photo as soon as the holiday outfit's on; you'll want proof that it started the day without chocolate fingerprints.

P.S. There's not a Christmas sweater in sight.

1 /26: Patch detail shirt

1/26 :Patch detail shirt

The plaid patch twist makes this oxford shirt the perfect glam-casual pick for kids of all genders. Available in toddler all the way up to big-kid sizes — but unfortunately not our size (yet).

Peek Johnny oxford shirt, $38 at Nordstrom

2 /26: Plaid dress

2/26 :Plaid dress

You can't get much more festive than a plaid dress, and the Peter Pan collar on this one is pretty darn cute. Available in sizes 2T to 5T. 

Jayne Copeland velvet-trim plaid special occasion dress, $28.99 at Macy's

3 /26: Printed mesh dress

3/26 :Printed mesh dress

Wouldn't you wear this if you could squeeze into it? Available in sizes XS to XL. 

Art Class black printed mesh dress, $19.99 at Target

4 /26: Shiny leggings

4/26 :Shiny leggings

Dressing up doesn't have to mean dresses. These leggings mix comfort with holiday shine. Available in sizes 5 to 14 years. 

Shiny leggings, $17.90 at Zara

5 /26: Tulle appliqué dress

5/26 :Tulle appliqué dress

Tulle, appliqué and everyone's favorite festive bird make this dress a winner for the youngest party people. Available in baby and toddler sizes.

Mini Boden pretty tulle appliqué dress, $55 at Nordstrom

6 /26: Knitted dress

6/26 :Knitted dress

This versatile dress is a guaranteed holiday crowd-pleaser. Available in sizes 2 to 12 years.

Party knitted dress, $66 at Boden

7 /26: Shirt & twill pants

7/26 :Shirt & twill pants

Isn't this... Elf on the Shelf's outfit? Either way, white and festive red make a perfect pairing. Available in sizes 1.5 to 10 years.

Shirt and twill pants, $29.99 at H&M

8 /26: Candy cane dress

8/26 :Candy cane dress

During what other time of year can you get away with a candy cane-print dress? None. No other time. Available in sizes 2T to age 8.

Halabaloo candy cane print dress, $96 at Nordstrom

9 /26: Ballet flats

9/26 :Ballet flats

Gold ballet flats go with everything. Available in sizes 7.5 (infants) to 2 (kids). 

Ballet flats, $9.99 at H&M

10 /26: 4-piece set

10/26 :4-piece set

Holiday outfit shopping can't get much easier than this: a four-piece set with shirt, vest, pants and bow tie. Available in sizes 2T to 5T. 

Nautica four-piece shirt, vest, pants and bow tie set, $17.99 at Macy's 

11 /26: Bow tie & suspenders

11/26 :Bow tie & suspenders

A festive bow tie and suspenders will give any old top and bottom combo a holiday update. 

Cat & Jack navy/red plaid bow tie and suspender set, $12.99 at Target

12 /26: Velvet loafers

12/26 :Velvet loafers

Holiday shoe perfection no matter what's on top. Available in sizes 9 (kids) to 7 (youth). 

Black velvet loafers, $39.99 at Zara

13 /26: Mermaid dress

13/26 :Mermaid dress

If mermaids wore dresses, they'd look like this. Available in sizes 1.5 to 10 years.

Sequinned dress, $29.99 at H&M

14 /26: Velvet suit

14/26 :Velvet suit

This velvet suit is too cool for school. (Literally — why would you wear this to school?) Available in toddler size and up.

Appaman mod velvet suit, $161 at Nordstrom

15 /26: Shiny pleated skirt

15/26 :Shiny pleated skirt

Kids can pair this extra-sparkly skirt with a fancy top, a crisp white shirt, a band T-shirt... you name it. Available in size 5 to 14 years.

Shiny pleated skirt, $25.90 at Zara

16 /26: Plaid shirt

16/26 :Plaid shirt

A comfy red plaid shirt brings the cozy to any holiday party. Available in sizes 2 to 16 years. 

Festive shirt, $42 at Boden

17 /26: Sparkle dress

17/26 :Sparkle dress

Proof that holiday attire can be super-sparkly and comfortable. Available in sizes XS to XXL. 

Fit & Flare sparkle dress for girls, $29.99 at Old Navy

18 /26: Velour jumpsuit

18/26 :Velour jumpsuit

Didn't you know jumpsuits are the new... everything? There may in fact be nothing better to lounge in on Christmas Day — or any day. Available in sizes XS to XL plus.

Cat & Jack navy velour jumper, $19.99 at Target

19 /26: Shirt & twill pants

19/26 :Shirt & twill pants

Festive, dapper, comfy and adorable. Available in sizes 1.5 to 10 years.

Shirt and twill pants, $29.99 at H&M

20 /26: Tulle dress

20/26 :Tulle dress

Nothing says "2018 will be better" like kissing peace doves on a velvet tulle holiday dress, right? Happy New Year! Available in sizes 2 to 12 years.

Velvet tulle dress, $75 at Boden

21 /26: Glittery bow sweater

21/26 :Glittery bow sweater

This glittery sweater with long balloon sleeves is the cherry on top of any holiday bottoms. Available in sizes 1.5 to 10 years.

Glittery sweater, $17.99 at H&M

22 /26: Velvet ankle boots

22/26 :Velvet ankle boots

Don't forget an amazing pair of ankle boots to finish off kiddo's look. Available in sizes 9 (kids) to 6 (youth). 

Blue knotted velvet ankle boots, $49.90 at Zara

23 /26: Navy jacket

23/26 :Navy jacket

Check out the knight-themed lining of this navy cord blazer! Available in sizes 2 to 14 years.

Cord blazer, $66 at Boden

24 /26: Starry peplum tee

24/26 :Starry peplum tee

This shirt basically comes with its own tutu. Sold. Available in sizes XS to XXL.  

Starry tulle peplum tee, $29.95 at Gap

25 /26: Appliqué skirt

25/26 :Appliqué skirt

Did someone say tutu? With layers, sparkles and embellishments galore, this is a party skirt for the ultimate dancing queen. Available in sizes 3 to 12 years. 

Appliqué party skirt, $42 at Boden

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Cutest Holiday Outfits for Kids 2017
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