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This Season’s Cutest Holiday Outfits for Kids

Velvet loafers, sequined dresses, shiny skirts and dapper bow ties are not just for the grown-ups anymore. In fact, you might experience some serious style envy when shopping for your kids’ outfits this holiday season.

Many major retailers offer lines for children that are just as stylish as — or even more than — their adult counterparts, and our top picks offer something for everyone, from the “all about the comfort” kid (we hear you) to the child who would prefer to be a mermaid for Christmas. Some of the items in the slideshow ahead are versatile separates prime for putting a unique twist on an overall look (sneakers with a sequined dress or suspenders with a shiny skirt perhaps?), while others are complete outfits, accessories included. We do suggest you take kiddo’s photo as soon as the holiday outfit’s on; you’ll want proof that it started the day without chocolate fingerprints.

P.S. There’s not a Christmas sweater in sight.

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