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Sci-Fi Gifts for Your Pint-Size Geek

So you’re a sci-fi freak who insists that the truth is out there. Are your kids heading down the same path to greatness and nerdery? Good news: There has never been a better time to be a geek than right now. These days, there is so much sci-fi pop-culture stuff to shop for — yes, even for little ones.

We know your toddler probably isn’t into Star Trek or Firefly quite yet (if they are, more power to them). So we’ve gathered holiday gifts that are all perfect for every age group, from babies to teens — and for every tiny science-fiction aficionado on your holiday shopping list. Plus, several fandoms are present and accounted for, so whether your fifth-grader is a Whovian or a Trekkie, there’s a gift on this list to make them very happy this holiday season. We’ve even included some sci-fi items for the tiniest babies, so the nerding out can begin at birth. So shop on, and may the festive force be with you.

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