Festive Crying Babies To Get You In the Holiday Spirit

by Monica Beyer
Nov 15, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Well, folks, it's that time of year again. You know, the season when you — O wise parent, aunt, nanny, whoever — hatch a holiday plan to take some super-cute kids to sit on Santa's lap. Or maybe you simply want to dress them up for a holiday card portrait or just a festive good time. The only problem is that baby ain't feeling the holiday spirit right now. Nope, not even a little bit. And right before your eyes (and those of throngs of riveted mallgoers), kiddo proceeds to wildly, royally flip out — right when the camera clicks.

We gathered together a few families' priceless photos that are now the most treasured of holiday memories — but not because they feature calm, smiling children exuding joy and good cheer. Instead, these pics are priceless because the babies are just plain over it. They're done, folks. Poor unsuspecting Santa. 

For the cutest/saddest/funniest faces to ever grace Mall Santa's lap, click ahead. And just try not to laugh too hard. Weren't you, too, a pissed-off kid in holiday attire once?

1 /12: This elf is not so jolly

1/12 :This elf is not so jolly

This little one seems super-disturbed by Santa Claus, and even the giant candy cane is not helping.

2 /12: Must cover eyes to escape the terror!

2/12 :Must cover eyes to escape the terror!

Can we get a T-shirt print of this little guy's reaction to the holiday madness?

3/12 :Just nope

Santa Claus sets up in this neighborhood each year to completely freak out the children.

4 /12: Santa, the birthday destroyer

4/12 :Santa, the birthday destroyer

Audrey's birthday is in December, so naturally, Santa Claus should be there to completely ruin it.

5 /12: All dressed up & nothing to cry about

5/12 :All dressed up & nothing to cry about

Olivia's mom thought she'd be happier about her pretty holiday dress. Alas, it was not to be.

6 /12: Even mom can't help

6/12 :Even mom can't help

Mom and Santa are definitely the only ones enjoying themselves here.

7 /12: Siblings stick together

7/12 :Siblings stick together

The two older kids are vaguely tolerating Santa, but little Liv is over it.

8 /12: 5 kids, 2 freakouts

8/12 :5 kids, 2 freakouts

One singleton and two twin sets make for a happy holiday photo... except for the two freaking-out littles.

9/12 :'Help me'

"Who is this scary old man and what is his outfit?!"

10 /12: Bass Pro Shops Santa sadness

10/12 :Bass Pro Shops Santa sadness

Apparently, Bass Pro Shops hire the most horrifying Santas. 

11 /12: Sorry, Santa — babies just hate you

11/12 :Sorry, Santa — babies just hate you

This could have been a nice holiday photo, but that Santa guy just ruins everything.

12 /12: Diving for the exit

12/12 :Diving for the exit

Little Talina has five words for you: "Get. Me. Out. Of. Here."