18 Must-Have New Baby & Kid Products for 2018

by Cristina Velocci
Jan 5, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Best baby and kids products from the ABC Kids Expo 2017
Image: Images: Aden + Anais, Ju-Ju-Be, Beaba/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

If you've ever stood in your cluttered living room flabbergasted at how a tiny human being could require so much stuff, then you, my friend, are a parent to a young child.

Just when it seems like you couldn't possibly find the real estate (or money) for one more baby-related thing, there comes along some innovation that's so cute/genius/lifesaving you simply must have it — and we apologize in advance, because we're about to introduce you to precisely 18 more of those irresistible things.

All of these items made their debut last month at the ABC Kids Expo, which is the biggest kid-products trade show in North America and serves as a launchpad for the buzziest new gear around. Click through to see our top picks — some available right this second, others debuting early next year, all of which will make your life as a parent a bit easier. 

A version of this article was originally published in November 2017.

1 /19: Bink Dot outlet covers

1/19 :Bink Dot outlet covers

In the world of baby products, there's nothing more boring (yet necessary) than safety gear — seriously, who ever got excited to purchase a stairway gate or outlet covers? Well, with the launch of these chicly designed socket plugs, you can count us among the latter category. Available in blends-with-the-walls white or a set of subtle pastel shades, these sturdy beveled plastic prongs will satisfy design snobs while ensuring tiny fingers don't get electrocuted. Win-win. 

Bink Dot outlet covers, $12.99 for 24 at Bink

2 /19: Halo bassinet twin sleeper

2/19 :Halo bassinet twin sleeper

For parents of twins, double the babies generally means double the paraphernalia, which is why this tandem version of Halo's popular bedside bassinet is so clutch. Just like the original, it rotates full circle, providing easy access to both newborns, who are safely divided from each other by a mesh wall. The co-sleeper also comes equipped with soothing sounds, lullabies, a nightlight and two levels of vibration — because parents of multiples can use all the help they can get. 

Halo bassinet twin sleeper, available late January/early February for $449.99 at Halo

3 /19: Aden + Anais sleepwear

3/19 :Aden + Anais sleepwear

The go-to source for super-soft swaddle blankets just branched out to toddler pajamas made from the same breathable cotton many kids have been swathed in since birth. The two-piece sets come in 10 different patterns that are so artfully sophisticated, you'll wish the sleepwear came in adult sizes. 

Aden + Anais sleepwear, $25 at Aden + Anais

4 /19: Skip Hop Jumpscape fold-away jumper

4/19 :Skip Hop Jumpscape fold-away jumper

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a jumper? Skip Hop upped the ante on this one with a cloud-shaped counter that rewards infants with stadium applause once they log 100 bounces. Clip-on toys and a rotating seat that swivels 360 degrees enhance the entertainment, and the whole thing folds flat enough to store under the couch. 

Skip Hop Jumpscape fold-away jumper, $130 at Skip Hop

5 /19: PopYum bottles

5/19 :PopYum bottles

This one's for the formula-feeding moms out there: PopYum's anti-colic bottles are designed to store water and powdered formula separately, so when the baby gets hungry, you can have a freshly prepared meal at the push of a button (OK, two). Simply squeeze the sides with one hand to release the powder, then shake and serve — no coolers or expensive nursettes necessary. 

PopYum 9-ounce bottles, $16.99 at PopYum

6 /19: Milestone 'Baby's First Travel Moments'

6/19 :Milestone 'Baby's First Travel Moments'

There's certainly no shortage of photo props that allow you to mark Baby's age or first holidays, but what about the other landmark occasions that happen during everyday life? Milestone's thematic Special Moments booklets feature six tear-out illustrated cards that allow snap-happy parents to document more off-the-beaten-path experiences, such as baby's first trip to the farmers market (foodie moments) or inaugural hike (outdoor moments).

Milestone Baby's First Travel Moments booklet, $8 at Milestone

7 /19: Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped bag

7/19 :Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped bag

Whether you're a breastfeeding mom who's returned to work or an exclusive pumper, you're well aware of how unwieldy (and annoying) lugging your breast pump around can be. Ju-Ju-Be's new collection of pump bags streamlines the whole situation by providing a dedicated carryall for your machine and parts with plenty of room to spare for your everyday essentials — there are even dedicated pockets for a cell phone, keys and sunglasses. The largest in the line includes a cooler bag that can hold up to four 5-ounce bottles, plus a staging mat that doubles as a changing pad. 

Ju-Ju-Be Be Pumped bag in The First Lady, $200 at Ju-Ju-Be

8 /19: SwipenSnap rash cream applicator

8/19 :SwipenSnap rash cream applicator

Changing table setups just got fancy with this handy invention, which allows you to apply diaper cream to Baby's bum one-handed — without actually having to touch the area and spread germs. The plastic applicator fits most tubes and evenly spreads ointment with its soft, flexible tip while its suction base allows you to quickly grab and replace the cream with ease. 

SwipenSnap rash cream applicator, $9.99 at SwipenSnap

9 /19: Lulujo Baby's First Year blanket & card set

9/19 :Lulujo Baby's First Year blanket & card set

For the type-A parent who's obsessed with documenting their kid's growth on social media, this ready-made milestone kit contains everything you need to create Instagram-worthy pics. Aside from providing a photogenic backdrop, the muslin blanket can be used as a swaddle, nursing or stroller cover, and it comes with 14 coordinating milestone cards that track Baby from day one to 1 year. 

Lulujo Baby's First Year blanket and card set, $24.99 at Lulujo

10 /19: Marcus & Marcus palm grasp spoon & fork set

10/19 :Marcus & Marcus palm grasp spoon & fork set

These cute, colorful utensils were designed with tiny toddler hands in mind. Their shortened length and sideways handles make it easier to self-feed with a palm grip, ensuring your kid won't quit eating out of frustration. 

Marcus & Marcus palm grasp spoon and fork set, $14.99 at Marcus & Marcus

11 /19: TwelveLittle on-the-go stroller caddy

11/19 :TwelveLittle on-the-go stroller caddy

Not only is this the best-looking stroller caddy we've seen, it's also the most genius. It doubles as a small messenger diaper bag so you won't have to constantly remove and repack items every time you go out. It also features a built-in wipes holder and a magnetic flap closure for fumble-free access to everything inside. 

TwelveLittle on-the-go stroller caddy, available in January for $125 at TwelveLittle

12 /19: Travel Tray

12/19 :Travel Tray

This is one of those stupidly simple yet utterly brilliant creations you'll wish had been invented sooner. Pop this plastic piece into any cup holder in your car seat or vehicle, and voila! Your kid has a sturdy, contained place for snacks within easy reach — keeping errant Cheerios and tantrums out of your car and your eyes on the road.

Travel Tray, $14.99 at Travel Tray.us

13 /19: Béaba BabyMilk

13/19 :Béaba BabyMilk

Is there ever really a need to buy a bottle warmer and sterilizer? Well, certainly not now that this hybrid appliance exists. The same steam-heating system sanitizes and heats up bottles in just two minutes, making it the fastest bottle warmer money can buy. We also love that it takes up minimal counter space but can still accommodate extra-wide bottle brands, such as Comotomo.

Béaba BabyMilk, $59.99 at Béaba

14 /19: Korede Collection Mikenna satchel

14/19 :Korede Collection Mikenna satchel

Created by mom of three Ronke Faleti, Korede Collection might just be the chicest line of diaper bags out there. All four styles — a work-appropriate satchel, a roomy tote, a backpack and a sleek clutch that features a built-in wipe-dispenser pocket — are made of calfskin leather with water-resistant interiors, and they blend pre-baby aesthetics with post-baby utilitarianism. Our personal favorite is the structured Mikenna, which comes equipped with an insulated bottle pocket.

Korede Collection Mikenna satchel, $395 at Korede Collection

15 /19: Britax View-N-Go backseat organizer

15/19 :Britax View-N-Go backseat organizer

You may wonder why all car organizers don't come with a dedicated iPad holder after installing this one on the back of your passenger seat. In addition to storing magazines, books, toys, snacks and cups, this puppy holds tablets up to 15 inches wide behind a touch-sensitive viewing panel, so Peppa the Pig can do the entertaining while you do the driving. 

Britax View-N-Go backseat organizer, $24.99 at Britax

16 /19: NUK Simply Natural Freemie double electric breast pump

16/19 :NUK Simply Natural Freemie double electric breast pump

Being tied to a breast pump sucks (quite literally), so if you plan to use one on a regular basis and also function as a normal human being who regularly leaves the house, you're going to want this portable, hospital-grade closed system, which doesn't require an electrical outlet to function. The cups sit inside your bra (hands-free!) and operate discreetly so you can pump in public with no one the wiser. The best part of all: You can keep your shirt on.

NUK Simply Natural Freemie double electric breast pump, available in February for $299.99 at Babies "R" Us

17 /19: Silikids Silibowl

17/19 :Silikids Silibowl

Multitasking parents need products that are as hardworking as they are, and this two-in-one silicone set certainly steps up to the, uh, plate. The bowl's lid creates an airtight seal for safe storage but also doubles as a platter, making on-the-go feeds more efficient. The whole thing is also indestructible in the microwave, dishwasher and at the mercy of wildly flailing kid hands. 

Silikids Silibowl, $11.95 at Silikids

18 /19: Cybex Sirona M car seat

18/19 :Cybex Sirona M car seat

Taking car seats into the 21st century, the Sirona M syncs with your smartphone via an app to let you know if you ever accidentally leave your child in the vehicle (gulp) or unbuckled while driving (hey, it happens). Even more impressive, you can recline the seat 10 different ways for both rear- and forward-facing installations with a single, non-baby-occupied hand. 

Cybex Sirona M car seat, available in February for $349.95 at Cybex

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