The Cutest Affordable Stocking Stuffers for Kids

There are so many tiny toy options out there, but it’s hard to keep up with kids’ trends — what do little ones actually want in their stockings this year? We’ve sorted through all the new releases and compiled a master list of pocket-size playthings that are sure to be hits with the kiddos. Because of course big-ticket presents are awesome, but is it just us, or is dumping out stockings filled with little trinkets actually more fun?

Grab a few of these novel small toys, stuff them in that special sock, and make your child’s Christmas morning extra exciting. Click through to see 2017’s best small-scale toys, from interactive monkeys that perch on your finger to tiny trucks to zoo animal fingernail decals to a trendy fidget cube. You’ll find amazing options for kids of every age. Now you just have to figure out how many you can fit in that stocking.