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9 Holiday Gifts That Will Keep Kids Entertained for Hours

How many times have you spent precious hours (and your hard-earned money) picking out the perfect holiday gift, only for your kid to put it down almost as quickly as they’ve unwrapped it? It puts a bit of a damper on your #PerfectChristmas plans, doesn’t it? Nothing gets me in a “Bah, humbug!” mood faster, that’s for sure. But it won’t happen this year, when you put one of these amazing presents under the tree.

Not only are these gifts we know your kids will be totally excited to unwrap, but they’re also designed to give kids hours (and hours!) of enjoyment. Once they pick them up, they won’t want to put them down. And hey, if these toys and gadgets keep the kiddos busy for a good portion of the day, they’re kind of a gift to you too, aren’t they? After all, what’s a better holiday gift for a mom than a silent (and peaceful) night?

This post was sponsored by Nintendo 3DS. 

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