Kid Gifts for Every Age on Your List

by Lindsey Hunter Lopez
Oct 19, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Holiday Gifts for Every Age: Perfect present ideas for the babies, kids, and teens on your list
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The holidays are just around the corner, so we may as well start shopping now, right? You especially might want to get a jump on it if your kid wants one of this season’s high-demand toys (we’re looking at you, L.O.L Big Surprise and Meccano M.A.X.). But it’s not all newfangled fun; we're also fans of classics like the retro Atari joystick and Little Tikes Waffle Blocks. Which ones will appear on your favorite kids' wish lists? Click ahead to get some ideas, add to Pinterest boards or shop online and check gifts off your holiday to-do list.

Check out our gift suggestions for kids of all different ages and plan your Christmas, Hannukah or winter birthday presents ahead of time. Whether you’re looking for modern tech toys, classic cool products or fun throwbacks, we're here to make your shopping easy — no crowded malls necessary.

1 /24: For babies: Light ’n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker

1/24 :For babies: Light ’n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker

Babies ages 9 months and up can use this Little Tikes toy to practice walking, but there are also a ton of other features to engage them. The toy folds down for floor play, and it folds flat for storage. It boasts buttons that play songs and animal noises, lights that project colors onto the floor, beads, clickers and other intriguing features. Annoying for parents? Possibly. But no baby can resist. (Target, $32.99)

2 /24: For babies: Kaydee Baby crib shoes

2/24 :For babies: Kaydee Baby crib shoes

These trendy, comfortable shoes are exactly what we'd like to wear if — you know, if we couldn't walk yet. Kaydee Baby’s simple moccasinlike booties come in fun black and white prints and feature colorful soles. A fleecy lining keeps tiny toes warm in the winter, and the simple shoe shape slips right on. Just try to say that five times fast. (Kaydee Baby, $15.95)

3 /24: For babies: Land of Nod Care Bears bedding

3/24 :For babies: Land of Nod Care Bears bedding

OK, fine, babies probably aren't smart enough yet to realize that bedding is actually an exciting gift, but they'll love this adorable Care Bears line at Land of Nod anyway. Go ahead. Outfit the nursery in retro rainbow. The new collection includes sheets (from crib to queen, in case you want your own bed to match), quilts, pillows, sleeping bags and more. (Land of Nod, $24 – $129)

4 /24: For toddlers: Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

4/24 :For toddlers: Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

Remember these from the '80s? These classic waffle blocks are still a hit with little ones and provide plenty of simple building-block fun. Get a big pack of 60 interlocking blocks for a small price. Best for ages 2 and up. (Toys R Us, $14.99)

5 /24: For toddlers: Schleich wildlife starter set

Holiday Gifts for Every Age: Schleich Wild Life Starter Set | 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Image: Amazon

5/24 :For toddlers: Schleich wildlife starter set

A four-pack of realistic, hand-painted animal figurines makes a wildly fun gift. A baby elephant, chimpanzee, lion and zebra are included in this starter set for wildlife lovers. (Amazon, $15.99)

6 /24: For toddlers: Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse

6/24 :For toddlers: Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse

Little ones can imagine adventures for pug brothers Bingo and Rolly with this set based on the hit Disney Junior series. The doghouse set includes two pug figures, a tire swing, an elevator, a seesaw and more. (Toys R Us, $34.99)

7 /24: For preschoolers: Pure kids balance bike

7/24 :For preschoolers: Pure kids balance bike

Learning to ride a bike is no easy feat, but this one makes it a lot easier. Like all "strider bikes," the Pure Cycles Balance Bike has no pedals or brakes, so kids can scoot around and use their feet when needed. And for extra support, the bike has a grip on the saddle so parents can give a helping hand, literally. Kiddo might even be having so much fun, they won't notice when you finally let go of the handle. (Pure Cycles, $99)

8 /24: For preschoolers: Bitty Baby

8/24 :For preschoolers: Bitty Baby

The coveted American Girl baby dolls are a great, if expensive, gift for any little nurturer. Bitty Baby comes in six different skin and hair coloring options and includes a diaper, bodysuit and your choice of sleeper style. The 15-inch huggable doll is on the expensive side, but this is a quality toy that will last. You may want to skip the pricey doll furniture, though. (American Girl, $60)

9 /24: For preschoolers: Little Tikes Food Truck

9/24 :For preschoolers: Little Tikes Food Truck

A super-fun toy for the preschool hipster foodie in your life, the Little Tikes Food Truck is genius. It has a kitchen on one side and a food truck on the other. So much bang for your buck! Over 40 accessories are included: ice cream, cash register, hot dogs… even a bell. (Target, $159.99)

10 /24: For preschoolers: Hatchimal Surprise

10/24 :For preschoolers: Hatchimal Surprise

Spin Master has a brand-new Hatchimal toy for the holidays. And if its predecessor is any indicator, the Surprise is bound to be a huge hit, so you may want to purchase on the early side. This time, instead of just one interactive creature hatching from the egg, kids will discover two. Choose Peacats or Giravens to “raise” from baby to toddler to kid stage. (Toys R Us, $69.99)

11 /24: For elementary-school kids: L.O.L. Surprise Big Surprise

11/24 :For elementary-school kids: L.O.L. Surprise Big Surprise

The first shipments of this year’s trendiest toy sold out in one day, which is an indication of L.O.L. Big Surprise’s upcoming holiday popularity. Inside this limited-edition giant glittery ball are a bunch of L.O.L. dolls (four, to be exact), plus many tiny accessories and bath fizzes. The multilayered packaging and element of surprise make it really fun to open too. So get one while you can. (Toys R Us, $69.99)

12 /24: For elementary-school kids: Little Tikes Pogo It!

12/24 :For elementary-school kids: Little Tikes Pogo It!

A retro classic, the new Pogo It! features electronic games that are built right in. Kids can bounce and balance on this indoor-outdoor toy for hours. Once they’ve mastered it, flip the Pogo It! over for more advanced play. The ball pump is included. (Amazon, $39.97)

13 /24: For elementary-school kids: Lego Friends Snow Resort Chalet

13/24 :For elementary-school kids: Lego Friends Snow Resort Chalet

A new set from the popular Friends line, Lego’s Resort Chalet has all kinds of classy winter fun packed into its 402 pieces. The two included mini-figures can enjoy an outdoor hot tub, fireside lounge, kitchen and snowmobile and can even hang out with their own husky. Building this detailed set is a perfect winter break activity. (Lego Store, $39.99)

14 /24: For elementary-school kids: Playmobil Cruise Ship

14/24 :For elementary-school kids: Playmobil Cruise Ship

This Playmobil playset might even be more fun than taking an actual cruise. The Cruise Ship set includes five figures, a lifeboat, ship, luggage, furniture, food and so much more. To add to the aquatic fun, an on-deck pool can be filled with water and the lifeboat actually floats (plus, you can add a motor, which is sold separately). There are so many hours of play in this detailed set; it’ll be a favorite for years to come. It's recommended for ages 6 and up. (Playmobil, $99.99)

15 /24: For elementary-school kids: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure dolls

15/24 :For elementary-school kids: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure dolls

In case you hadn’t heard, a new Frozen short film is coming out next month, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. And with it, new merchandise. Hasbro is releasing a set of dolls in fresh outfits (a musical Elsa, and a Festive Friends Collection that includes the storied sisters, Olaf and Kristoff for $49.99). The Elsa doll sports a silvery-purple dress and sings "When We’re Together,” which will surely be stuck in your head — or playing in your house — for the rest of winter. (Toys R Us, $29.99)

16 /24: For tweens: Pokémon Trainer Guess Electronic Game

16/24 :For tweens: Pokémon Trainer Guess Electronic Game

Pokémon aficionados will love playing this guessing game. Kids think of a particular character and the Trainer Guess will ask questions to figure it out. This is a new edition featuring all 151 Kanto Region Pokémon (you probably don’t know what that means, but it is very meaningful to a Pokémon fan). An identification guide is included — for those who may not know Charmander from Pikachu. Three AAA batteries are included. It's best for ages 6 and up. (Amazon, $19.99)

17 /24: For tweens: Project Mc2 Perfume Maker

17/24 :For tweens: Project Mc2 Perfume Maker

Fans of the Emmy-nominated Netflix series Project Mc2 will love using this science-based kit to create their own perfume. Poppy and violet scents are included, but you can use other fragrances as well. It’s a great STEAM activity (but maybe do this outside or risk a smelly mess). It's best for ages 6 and up. (Target, $29.99)

18 /24: For tweens: Osmo Genius Kit

18/24 :For tweens: Osmo Genius Kit

One of the top tech toys, gaming system Osmo is a winner (and an award-winner, actually). Pop an iPad into the base, and kids can start learning while they play. In addition to the base, the Genius Kit also includes five brain-building games, such as the musical Coding Jam. (Best Buy, $99.99)

19 /24: For tweens: Dance Code Belle

19/24 :For tweens: Dance Code Belle

Hasbro has combined Disney princesses and coding in this unique tech toy. Kids can create choreography for Dance Code Belle using an app to plan dance steps. Belle can say over 100 phrases, play seven songs and perform 10 dances. She also provides dance instruction and sings for little choreographers. (Amazon, $99.99)

20 /24: For tweens: Craft City DIY Slime Kit

20/24 :For tweens: Craft City DIY Slime Kit

YouTube star and Queen of Slime Karina Garcia shares her special gooey recipe in this cool kit from Craft City. Add coloring tablets for different shades of slime or the included extra flair, such as glitter and glow powder. Slime is super-trendy right now, and this kit makes high-quality stuff. It's best for ages 12 and up. (Target, $19.99)

21 /24: For teens: Parkland duffel bag

21/24 :For teens: Parkland duffel bag

Gift your favorite teen a cool bag for sleepovers, gym workouts or travels. Parkland’s duffels have trendy color options and prints — the View style, pictured, comes in 25 different looks. The shoulder strap is removable, and the View features a handy outer pocket with leather details. (Parkland, $39.99)

22 /24: For teens: Atari classic game stick

22/24 :For teens: Atari classic game stick

No cartridges required! Just plug this throwback video game joystick into your TV and play 10 different classic Atari games (including Breakout, Centipede and Asteroids). Kids (and adults — you know who you are) can sit back and enjoy the retro '80s graphics. It requires four AA batteries, which are included. It's best for ages 8 and up. (Target, $17.99)

23 /24: For teens: Meccano M.A.X.

23/24 :For teens: Meccano M.A.X.

Modern erector set Meccano M.A.X. challenges kids (ages 10 and up) to build their own robot. The 332 included parts come together to form a robot featuring customizable programming, infrared sensors and artificial intelligence. This is a fantastic STEM toy for budding engineers. (Amazon, $149.99)

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