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The Cutest Baby Onesie for Every U.S. State

When babies are born, there’s not a whole lot going on in the self-identity department — aside from name, sex, eye color and some birth stats. While it’ll take months (if not years) for their personalities to fully emerge, there is one distinguishing characteristic that’s established early on: where they’re from. 

Since it’s never too early to instill a sense of state pride in your offspring, we scoured the web for the most adorable baby onesies for all 50 states. A far cry from the “Made in __” versions you’ve likely seen in touristy gift shops, these infant bodysuits are cute, clever and thoroughly capture the local flavor. 

Whether you’re a proud Pennsylvanian or a die-hard Delawarean, you’ll find a way to let your little one represent your state in style right here. 

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