12 TV Shows to Watch With Your Tween

There’s a rumor going around that tweens (you know, those kids formerly known as preteens, who are currently hovering between the ages of 8 and 12) are actually physically able to put down the YouTube videos and watch a real television show with a plot. I swear. It’s possible; I’ve seen it done.

But what to watch? Thankfully, those mind-numbing Caillou days are over (if you were wondering, yes, Caillou is still 4 years old and all signs are pointing to him staying this age for all of eternity). Now that your kids have outgrown boring preschool TV, is there a show out there that you can actually enjoy together? It turns out there are plenty.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 12 kid-appropriate but still grown-up-engaging shows that you and your tween will both enjoy. And if they’re worried all that compelling TV narrative will be a poor replacement for YouTube slime videos — well, just assure them they can watch those another time.


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