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14 TV Shows You & Your Tween Will Love Watching Together

We’re officially in the golden age of TV, folks. It’s all happening. Thanks to cable, Hulu (um, hello The Handmaid’s Tale), Netflix (have you, too, seen and swooned over Sex Education?), Amazon (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, people!) and premium providers — like Showtime and HBO, because Big Little Lies — the options abound for groundbreaking, entertaining shows for viewers of all ages. But if you’ve got a kid in that oh-so-sensitive/awkward tween stage, finding, um, anything to do together (that won’t elicit eye-rolls and/or “I’m too old for this now, Mom”s) can be challenging. And finding a TV show to watch together that you’ll both enjoy? That’s a task that can feel…kind of impossible.

Sure, those mind-numbing Caillou days are over (if you were wondering, yes, Caillou is still 4 years old and all signs are pointing to him staying this age for all of eternity) but it can still be a real challenge to find an entertaining and age-appropriate program. So what else in this overabundance of riches can you stream without wanting to run away screaming?

Surprisingly, plenty. Plunk down on the couch with the tween in your house and get ready to laugh, cry, and suddenly develop major fashion-design inspirations (ok, that one is just thanks to Project Runway) courtesy of some of the best tween-friendly TV shows out there — that won’t bore adults to death. And bonus: Most of these programs are pretty binge-able, a.k.a. the perfect way to spend your next lazy rainy day or snow day stuck inside.

A version of this article was originally published in October 2017.

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