13 TV Shows to Watch With Your Tween

TV is having something of a golden age these days. Thanks to cable, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and premium providers — like Showtime and HBO — the options abound for groundbreaking, hella entertaining shows for all ages. But if you’ve got a kid in that oh-so-sensitive/awkward tween stage, finding a show to watch together can feel impossible. Sure, those mind-numbing Caillou days are over (if you were wondering, yes, Caillou is still 4 years old and all signs are pointing to him staying this age for all of eternity) but it can still be a real challenge to find an entertaining and age-appropriate program. But have no fear: We’ve got you covered. Ahead are some of the best TV shows to watch with your tween. And bonus: Most of these programs are pretty binge-able, a.k.a. the perfect way to spend your next lazy mother-daughter rainy day.

A version of this article was originally published in October 2017.