Life After ‘Harry Potter’: Fantasy, Mystery & Adventure Books for Tweens

My boys, ages 9 and 11, have read many of the Harry Potter books a dozen times — often just opening one up in the middle and diving in for a few chapters. We’re still holding off on a couple of the later, darker books until we get past the kids’ tendency to have nightmares, although many of their friends have already spilled details from the full series (for some reason, stories from other kids don’t cause bad dreams?).

When I grew tired of my kids begging to read the next Potter book, I started a search for equally enthralling and captivating reads to offer as alternatives. I pulled together this playlist of adventure, fantasy, and mystery books that came highly recommended by moms of tweens — and I added a few that my kids just couldn’t put down.

I’ll admit: On a few occasions, I caught myself reading ahead after the boys were asleep. I hope you and the kids in your life enjoy these as much as we do.

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