How to Get This ‘New Girl’ Star’s Chic Nursery

As Cece on New Girl, Hannah Simone is someone many of us have been at some point in our lives: the least crazy person in the loft. Think about it. She’s actually hilarious and weird and kind of a wack-job — it’s just that she’s surrounded by all these people who are way more of a wack-job way more of the time. Compared to the flamboyant antics of Zooey Deschanel and co., Cece/Hannah seems… exceedingly normal. But watch her long enough, and she’ll make it clear that there’s a beautiful weirdo in there just waiting for the right moment to let her true colors show. And now, that weirdo is a mom.

This summer, Simone welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband Jesse Giddings. And in case you were worrying whether said child has an understated yet playful nursery in which to drift off each night — worry no more. He definitely has one. With the help of Junk Gypsy’s collection for Pottery Barn Kids, Simone designed a baby space that’s filled with subtle nods to Americana classics. Li’l Simone-Giddings gets to spend his home time among bison, coyote, owls, vintage trailers, rainbow rags and starry denim skies. What more could a Cali-country kid want? 

Take a look into Simone’s subtly kitschy, true-blue nursery ahead — and even shop the items. (We won’t judge if you use a few of them as props for your next round of True American.)