How to Get This 'New Girl' Star's Chic Nursery

by Amelia Edelman
Oct 5, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

As Cece on New Girl, Hannah Simone is someone many of us have been at some point in our lives: the least crazy person in the loft. Think about it. She's actually hilarious and weird and kind of a wack-job — it's just that she's surrounded by all these people who are way more of a wack-job way more of the time. Compared to the flamboyant antics of Zooey Deschanel and co., Cece/Hannah seems... exceedingly normal. But watch her long enough, and she'll make it clear that there's a beautiful weirdo in there just waiting for the right moment to let her true colors show. And now, that weirdo is a mom.

This summer, Simone welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband Jesse Giddings. And in case you were worrying whether said child has an understated yet playful nursery in which to drift off each night — worry no more. He definitely has one. With the help of Junk Gypsy's collection for Pottery Barn Kids, Simone designed a baby space that's filled with subtle nods to Americana classics. Li'l Simone-Giddings gets to spend his home time among bison, coyote, owls, vintage trailers, rainbow rags and starry denim skies. What more could a Cali-country kid want? 

Take a look into Simone's subtly kitschy, true-blue nursery ahead — and even shop the items. (We won't judge if you use a few of them as props for your next round of True American.)

1 /14: ...complete with rainbow rag tassels

1/14 :...complete with rainbow rag tassels

We really hope that festive tassel hanging was made by Simone's high-fashion grandma out of all her old couture or something.

2 /14: Even baby rooms need greenery

2/14 :Even baby rooms need greenery

Is that a fiddle leaf fig? How is it so... alive? And can it please share its secrets with my fiddle leaf fig?

3 /14: We would just chill in this nursery sans baby too

3/14 :We would just chill in this nursery sans baby too

And we too, wear 4-inch stilettos while nursery-chilling. Just kidding.

4 /14: A changing station fit for a country king

4/14 :A changing station fit for a country king

The distressed wood! The screenprints! The tiny guitar! Are you sure you live in LA, Hannah? Are you sure you don't live... down the street from me in East Nashville? 

5 /14: Bison pillow

5/14 :Bison pillow

This pillow also comes with horse and owl options, but I kind of think the bison is the best one? (Pottery Barn Kids, $16.99

6 /14: Charlie crib

6/14 :Charlie crib

This crib looks like it's made of old barn siding — in the best way. (Pottery Barn Kids, $799)

7 /14: Denim curtains

7/14 :Denim curtains

A way better idea than trying to make curtains out of your actual jeans. Plus, there's absolutely nothing "baby" about them — kiddo can keep rocking these through college and beyond. (Pottery Barn Kids, $63 – $79)

8 /14: Heritage rug

8/14 :Heritage rug

Again, no way this is just for kids. Can I have one for my office, please? (Pottery Barn Kids, $899)

9 /14: Junk Gypsy plush animals

9/14 :Junk Gypsy plush animals

Is that... a millennial pink coyote? Yes. Yes, it is. (Pottery Barn Kids, $24 – $49)

10 /14: Junk Gypsy patchwork quilt

10/14 :Junk Gypsy patchwork quilt

A much more palatable take on stars and stripes. (Pottery Barn Kids, $209)

11 /14: Junk Gypsy rocker bison

11/14 :Junk Gypsy rocker bison

No, your child doesn't need a rocking bison. But that doesn't mean she won't love one. And it's way more creative than a rocking horse. (Pottery Barn Kids, $199)

12 /14: Star crib fitted sheet

12/14 :Star crib fitted sheet

It's the pattern that works for all seasons, all genders and any decor scheme. Seriously, I challenge you to pair tiny stars with something and try to make it look bad. Go. (Pottery Barn Kids, $24)

13 /14: Truck & trailer set

13/14 :Truck & trailer set

But really, aren't we all just a bunch of dirt-road dreamers? (Pottery Barn Kids, $49 – $69)

14/14 :Pin it!

Pin this for planning your own kiddo's room — or, you know, your own. That's cool too.