Favorite Rhyming Books for Little Poets

My boys love reading, and I give much of the credit to the rhyming books we read together when they were preschoolers and kindergarteners. We started with the Sandra Boynton books — using The Going to Bed Book to soothe everyone into a dreamy state on many nights. The kids knew the words as well as I did, and it became like a shared lullaby. We all memorized Duck in the Truck quickly too, and the process of saying the catchy rhymes while I pointed to them on the page helped the kids recognize written words and begin to read on their own.  

Finally, books like The Snail and The Whale and The Circus Ship delighted all of us again and again as we imagined traveling the world on the tail of a whale and meeting circus animals walking down the street. We read the same stories over and over, but the giggles were fresh every time.

Ahead are some of the best rhyming books out there — for all the pint-size poets in your life. Bonus: These tales are filled with lessons of kindness, curiosity and compassion. What more could lyrical little ones ask for? 

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