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8 Baby Toys Your Dog Will Totally Think Are for Him

Before giving birth to my son this June, I was the doting mother to a 4-year-old fur baby. Our pet Maltipoo, Remy, was about as spoiled as a Kardashian spawn with enough toys to overflow generously sized storage baskets — not only in our home, but also at my parents’ place. 

And yet, as actual-baby paraphernalia started infiltrating our apartment in preparation for our child-to-be, we noticed Remy gaze upon these objects with the unbridled desire of a kid in a candy shop. “Oh look! He thinks the Boppy Newborn Lounger is an ergonomically designed dog bed,” we chuckled as Remy promptly nestled himself into the infant pillow. His yearning was only amplified when it came to the toys, many of which looked like they came from PetCo rather than Buy Buy Baby.

Fast-forward three months later, and I’m routinely running interference on my son’s playthings — particularly the eight items in the gallery ahead, which have proven extra alluring to canines (or at least to this one). Moral of the story: If you’re a dog-owning expectant parent, maybe think twice before bringing these baby toys into your home. Or just buy two and remind yourself that those shared germs are doing wonders for your baby’s health

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