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7 Pirate-Inspired Gifts for Your Littlest Mate

Ahoy! It’s that time of year again; Talk Like a Pirate Day requires all hands on deck for this celebration of buccaneers. But since the wee sailors in your life aren’t quite old enough for rum, why not make today into an education on the history of shipwrecks and wars at sea — with some clever booty as a bonus?

Sure, some kids might roll their eyes when you try to explain the history lessons they can learn from pirates of the past, but some might be so enthralled, they’ll tip their tricornered hat at your tales of the stormy seas. And we won’t even judge if you channel their pirate enthusiasm into helping you swab the kitchen floor — er, deck. Just don’t make them walk the plank, OK? No need to take the theme too far, folks.

Ahead are all the pirate books, toys and gear that will send the littlest mate in your family into a rousing rendition of “Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of [Milk].”

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