7 Pirate-Inspired Gifts for Your Littlest Mate

by Lindsay Tigar
Sep 15, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Ahoy! It’s that time of year again; Talk Like a Pirate Day requires all hands on deck for this celebration of buccaneers. But since the wee sailors in your life aren’t quite old enough for rum, why not make today into an education on the history of shipwrecks and wars at sea — with some clever booty as a bonus?

Sure, some kids might roll their eyes when you try to explain the history lessons they can learn from pirates of the past, but some might be so enthralled, they'll tip their tricornered hat at your tales of the stormy seas. And we won't even judge if you channel their pirate enthusiasm into helping you swab the kitchen floor — er, deck. Just don't make them walk the plank, OK? No need to take the theme too far, folks.

Ahead are all the pirate books, toys and gear that will send the littlest mate in your family into a rousing rendition of "Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of [Milk]."

1 /7: Nutcase ‘Ahoy’ helmet

1/7 :Nutcase ‘Ahoy’ helmet

While some pirates prefer to mimic sword fighting or long, lazy drifts on the salty waters, others simply want to sail — or in this case, ride — into the sunset. For the kid in your life who pedals up and down the block until the sun sets each night, give a sense of adventure she can take with her — wherever her two feet (and two wheels) carry her — with this pirate-themed helmet. It even comes with three sets of foam, to make sure it stays on snug and safe. (Nutcase, $60)

2 /7: The Purple Cow Magnetic Treasure Hunt game

2/7 :The Purple Cow Magnetic Treasure Hunt game

If your family is heading out on a fall getaway this season, pack this smart travel find from The Purple Cow to keep your rowdy backseat pirates from asking (over and over again) when the ship’s docking. This fun revamp resembles a real treasure map, and your kiddo can unfold it to search for the gold that’s hidden along the tailwinds. (Amazon, $8)

3 /7: Yookidoo Pirate Play Set

3/7 :Yookidoo Pirate Play Set

Though your infant likely won't care about Talk Like a Pirate Day, if big sibs insist on baby participation, opt for this battery-operated musical parrot and pirate rattle set. While your eldest aaaarggghs his way through the house conquering villains along the way, your youngest can rattle along. (Amazon, $17)

4 /7: Playmobil Pirate Raider Carry Case,

4/7 :Playmobil Pirate Raider Carry Case,

Do you have a full day of doctor's appointments, errands and to-do lists to fulfill, but you need to take your mini-buckaroos along with you? To keep them from becoming carousers, give them this travel-friendly take-along that comes with archenemy soldiers and pirates who battle with their boat and cannonballs. Kids can signal, "Fire in the hole!" while you grab groceries. (Playmobil, $15)

5 /7: Dress-up pirate

5/7 :Dress-up pirate

Little kids might want to be as brave and boisterous as their big siblings, but sometimes, they just need something to cuddle as they drift off to sleep under the stars (mobile). This sweet and soft plush toy is ideal for chunky little fingers as they learn how to button, snap, hook and zipper. It’s safe for 18 months and older and might just become your baby pirate’s favorite toy — especially since it won the Amazing Toy award on BabyZone.com. (Manhattan Toy, $30)

6 /7: Hallmark personalized pirate book

6/7 :Hallmark personalized pirate book

Though protecting the ship isn’t an easy feat when you’ve taken off your eye patch to engulf yourself in a book, your little reader will enjoy a break from their post on the poop deck. In these personalized pages, your child becomes the buccaneer on his or her very own pirate ship — and sets sail on a mission to discover buried treasure.  (Hallmark, $40)

7 /7: Haba Pirate’s Treasure Play Tent

7/7 :Haba Pirate’s Treasure Play Tent

With this splurge purchase, your cute mates can make believe they’re running rigs on one another and teaching the scallywags the tools of the shipping trade. Since this will have a life well beyond Talk Like a Pirate Day, you might be able to convince yourself it’s worth the extra booty. (Haba USA, $120)