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All-Natural ‘Baby’ Products Moms Can Totally Steal

Even if you know nothing about babies, you can usually deduce that they’re tiny and fragile and squishy. So if you’re taking care of one, you probably want to bathe it in flower petals and moonlight instead of chemical gunk and alcohol, right? But how do you know which “all-natural” baby products actually measure up? Sub-question: Why are they all so expensive? Sub-sub-question: What about you? Don’t you deserve a moonlit flower-petal bath too? Of course you do.

The good news is that you don’t need to shell out for a million different “baby” products and “mom” items and “dad” crap and “family” whatevers. Because the very best all-natural lines for babies actually work wonders for bodies of all ages and genders — and in some very surprising ways. You don’t need us to tell you that the baby-marketing industrial complex is on overload these days; why not conserve some cash and buy one product that does double duty? Ahead are a few fan favorites that come highly recommended by women in the know — a doula, a natural-beauty expert and a regular old editor mom (hi). 

Diaper cream/bug-bite balm? Check. Baby-butt wash/facial toner? Check. Click through for nine all-natural, multiuse “baby” product chameleons that you can definitely steal from your kid. I mean, share with your kid.

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