12 Healthy After-School Snacks Kids Can Make on Their Own

If there is one thing parents of school-age children learn quickly, it’s that you don’t block your child’s path to the kitchen after the final bell rings and they’re back at home. After spending the entire day filling their brains with knowledge, they need a little something to stuff their tiny tummies with too.

And since many parents work or have to tend to younger siblings in the after-school hours, it’s not always easy to steal away long enough to make your ravenous grade-schooler a snack. But you know what? Little ones love being given responsibility; it makes them feel older. The reality is that your star student is probably ready and willing to make their own after-school snack.

Of course, it’s only natural to have reservations about this transition. However, with minimal prep work, you can make it easy for your child to fix their own special snack when they get home in the afternoon. Here are 11 healthy ideas to get you going.

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