The Best Books to Read With Your Kids This Fall

Happy National Read A Book Day!  (What, you didn't have it circled in red on your calendar since January? Oh, well.) There's nothing cozier than story time, so in honor of this literary holiday, why not take your favorite kid along for the reading ride? If you're a bookworm yourself and are hoping to instill a love of words in the next generation — whether your kids, nieces and nephews or nannying charges — the search for the right reading material can seem daunting. You want books that have substance but also hold the attention of wee ones — and gorgeous illustrations never hurt, either. Well, you're in luck. The trending children’s books in the slideshow ahead aren't just popular; they're inspiring. From addressing tough subjects to spinning whimsical fairy tales, they're sure to keep readers of all ages (yes, even Grandma) enthralled. So clear off the dust on your bookshelf to make room for these new reads this fall.