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9 Baby-Proofing Steps You Never Even Thought of, but Are Totally Essential

Well, you’ve gated the stairs, locked away the cleaning supplies and covered the oven knobs, so I bet you think you’re done with baby-proofing your house, right? Guess again, Mama. Once your baby starts moving around, they’ll get into places and things you never even considered to be within the danger zone. In fact, pretty much your entire house is fair game to a baby that’s found their legs, and there’s probably something that’s less than safe lurking around each and every corner.

It’s time to get down to your baby’s level and look for some of the less obvious (but still just as dangerous) things you might have missed on the first pass. Remember, they might have been (almost) born yesterday, but babies are pretty smart — and super-sneaky. Here are some of the places you probably forgot to baby-proof that are totally essential.

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