20 Extravagant Toys Fit for Wee Royals

by Lindsey Hunter Lopez
Aug 28, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Here are some toys fit for a future king in case you were lucky enough to be invited to Prince George's birthday party. Or maybe you simply want to treat your own kid like a royal, just this once. After all, if it's good enough for George, Charlotte, Blue Ivy, Harper et al... 

As expected, luxe toys come with hefty price tags — and a serious wow factor. From their very own hologram to a tiny Tesla, to a play house (with a very real price) — are these extravagant toys outrageous or super cool? Does any child really need (or deserve) their own car, or a $2,000 Woody doll? We'll let you be the judge. 

1 /20: Princess doll pram

1/20 :Princess doll pram

Who but royalty would take their baby doll out on the town in this ultra-fancy pink stroller? (A new, updated version is available in September.) Indeed, Silver Cross is the preferred pram of the former Kate Middleton — Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Handmade in Yorkshire, England, these luxury toys are replicas of the iconic full-size prams. The brand-new princess pram even comes with a rag doll and diaper bag. (Silver Cross US, $499)

2 /20: AG Grand Hotel

2/20 :AG Grand Hotel

A luxury hotel for dolls?! American Girl’s wooden fold-up playset features all the realistic details of an upscale boutique hotel. One side is the room, complete with ruffled pillows, working lamp, welcome chocolates, hair dryer and more. On the other side is a lobby, which even has a tiny telephone. No luxe touch has been overlooked in this pricey package. Batteries included. Ages 8 and up. (American Girl, $275)

3 /20: Pickett's stationery

3/20 :Pickett's stationery

For kids who love adulting, purchase custom-engraved stationery featuring their names. These personalized note cards will make for impressive mail to Grandma, to say the least. (Pickett's Press, $122 – $564)

4 /20: Steiff Woody

4/20 :Steiff Woody

Pixar superfans can preorder the toy of a lifetime: a limited-run Woody cowboy doll (there will only be 113 of these handmade models created). Andy’s favorite cowboy is jointed and crafted from quality materials. It's insanely expensive, but hey, it's art. (Steiff USA, $1,995)

5 /20: Landspeeder

5/20 :Landspeeder

Now, lucky kids can hop onto their very own pint-size Landspeeder. Luke Skywalker’s Star Wars vehicle has been reimagined as a 12-volt ride-on toy that can hit 5 mph with two little riders. Made for ages 4 and up, it has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. And it's cheaper than that Woody doll. (Toys R Us, $499.99)

6 /20: Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen

6/20 :Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen

This next-level play kitchen has all the amenities. Real working lights, “slate” and “subway tile” finishes (really), and a 78-piece accessory set will please the most discerning mini chef. Ages 3 and up. (Amazon, $349.99)

7 /20: Hello Barbie Hologram

7/20 :Hello Barbie Hologram

Available in November, this holographic Barbie is an interactive digital phenomenon. Kids can chat with Barbie (who lives inside a plastic box) as she changes her own clothes and skin tone. Hello Barbie Hologram can also practice yoga, teach dance moves, tell time, play music (she’s Bluetooth-enabled) and provide weather reports. Will wonders never cease? Ages 6 and up. (Mattel, under $300)

8 /20: Create Your Own dolls

8/20 :Create Your Own dolls

Remember in the '90s when there were only, like, three American Girls to choose from? Today, American Girl’s Truly Me collection lets kids pick from 45 dolls with different skin tones, hair and features. But the company is taking it one step further with the new create-your-own option. Kids can design their own doll from head to toe; there are over a million combinations. This premium experience is available online and at select American Girl stores. The package includes a custom 18-inch doll, exclusive outfit (choose from one of six), accessory set, keepsake box, doll T-shirt certificate and a six-month subscription to American Girl magazine. (American Girl, $200)

9 /20: Lego Death Star

9/20 :Lego Death Star

The ultimate gift for a Lego builder or Star Wars fan, this giant set includes over 4,000 pieces: 23 mini figures, two droids, turbo laser shooters, Death Star gunners, super-laser control room, detention block, throne room… the list goes on. The Death Star will likely take days to build, but that’s part of the fun. Ages 14 and up. (Lego Shop, $499.99)

10 /20: Tesla

10/20 :Tesla

It’s a Tesla. For kids. Yep. This luxury battery-powered ride is customizable for kids 3 to 8 and comes in red, gray, blue or white. The car can drive up to six miles per hour and features working headlights and a storage area. It can also play an MP3 player or iPod and drive in reverse. What more could you need? (Amazon, $804.99)

11 /20: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

11/20 :Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This foam-rubber and latex life-size Ninja Turtle would be a wild addition to a kid's room or playroom. Leonardo stands nearly 5 feet tall, and he’s been hand-painted to get those turtle features just right. As for how many parents are willing and able to shell out $1K for a giant reptile — well, that's anyone's guess. (Toys R Us, $999.99)

12 /20: Rose-pink pavilion

12/20 :Rose-pink pavilion

For around $500, some lucky tot is out there frolicking in this whimsical pink pavilion, which features curtains, tassels, an embroidered lotus and a padded floor quilt for extra comfort. Tea parties just got epic. (Petit Tresor, $490)

13 /20: Steiff bear

13/20 :Steiff bear

This replica of a 1906 Steiff bear is a classic with a hefty price tag. After all, 1906 was an iconic moment for cuddly toys. It was the year the phrase “teddy bear” was coined for President Teddy Roosevelt. (Full disclosure: This particular pricey bear is mostly meant for collectors.) (Steiff USA, $540)

14 /20: Madame Alexander Ballerina

14/20 :Madame Alexander Ballerina

Decked out in rhinestones, flowers and red nail polish, this glam ballerina from Madame Alexander is part of the Mystery Doll Collection designed in 1951. The 10-inch articulated doll is best for ages 10 and up — including adult collectors. (Madame Alexander, $249.99)

15 /20: Lego Disney Castle

15/20 :Lego Disney Castle

Over 4,000 Lego pieces come together to make this replica of Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle. The incredibly detailed set includes five mini figures and multiple floors full of magical Disney details. Ages 16 and up. (Lego Store, $349.99)

16 /20: Rocket ship clock

16/20 :Rocket ship clock

Blast off to luxury with this handmade, vintage-inspired rocket ship clock from Olive & Cocoa. Celebrity fans of the upscale kids brand include Molly Sims, Rachael Ray and Ryan Seacrest. (Olive & Cocoa, $259)

17 /20: Ride-on giraffe

17/20 :Ride-on giraffe

Standing at 95 inches tall, this remarkable giraffe is handcrafted for lucky kids to ride on. Originally intended collectors, it’s now available for children (of the 1 percent). It supports up to 150 pounds. (Petit Tresor, $1,879)

18 /20: Segway miniPRO

18/20 :Segway miniPRO

The Segway miniPRO is for the teenager who has everything. The balance transporter has an app that allows you to control its many features and functions, including LED lighting, remote control, vehicle diagnostics and a tamper-proof security alarm. Suitable for indoor and outdoor terrain, the Segway miniPRO has a 14-mile range and can go 10 mph. Also available in black. Ages 16 and up. (Toys R Us, $799.99)

19 /20: Monique Lhuillier elephant rocker

19/20 :Monique Lhuillier elephant rocker

Wedding dress mogul Monique Lhuillier has taken her upscale designs to Pottery Barn Kids and produced this plush elephant rocker. It's what celebrity nursery dreams were made of. (Pottery Barn Kids, $199 and up)

20 /20: Barbara Butler Atherton treehouse

20/20 :Barbara Butler Atherton treehouse

And now the pièce de résistance, folks. For the price of, well, a pretty nice actual house, you could own this elaborate kid-size playhouse from Barbara Butler. These handcrafted structures have celebrity fans including Robert Redford, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates and Walt Disney Productions. The most "affordable"(!) structure of them all, the Atherton treehouse, rings up at $165,970. It features a fire pole, zip line, escape hatch, sand box and play kitchen. As it should, because at that price, you'll probably have to live in it... forever. (Barbara Butler, $165,970 – $273,900)