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26 Reasons to Buy Your Baby a Pottery Barn Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn is a popular place, not just for grown-ups looking to spiff up the home, but for those of us who love to dress up our very own pint-size humans. Their baby Halloween costumes are, as you can imagine, pretty freaking adorable.

They all have a realistic (and super-cute) look and range from cuddly real animals like puppies and pandas to fanciful creatures like dragons and unicorns. Oh, and don’t forget about the classic baby pumpkin costume, which looks great in pics.

So if you’re looking for a costume for your baby’s first or second Halloween, check these sweet selections out, especially if you’ve always dreamed of hugging your very own human baby polar bear. Whether your baby will actually be going trick-or-treating is secondary to the fact that you want to dress your little one up and show him or her off to your friends, family and, of course, on Facebook.

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