16 Supplies to Make Back-to-School Fun for Your Kid

by Theresa Edwards
Jul 21, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

There are two types of kids, it seems. There are the ones who love back-to-school shopping because it means they're headed, well, back to school! Then there are the ones who need to be dragged to the seasonal aisle in Target to scoop up what they need before the first bell rings. Whether you've got a child who can't wait to hit the books or a kid who longs for endless summer, they'll love having these unique, adorable and just plain fun back-to-school accoutrements tucked into their carefully selected backpack.

1 /16: New York Sticky Page Markers

1/16 :New York Sticky Page Markers

Kids can liven up homework time by making a bustling skyline with these NYC sticky-page markers from Duncan Shotton. Not into the Big Apple? Shotton's line includes everything from fluffy clouds to the Wild West. (Amazon, $8.92) 

2 /16: Unicorn tape dispenser

2/16 :Unicorn tape dispenser

This adorable unicorn tape dispenser makes it easy and fun for kids to (literally) keep it together. (Amazon, $15.96)

3 /16: Ninja Pencils

3/16 :Ninja Pencils

These ninja pencils are supposed to be "super trained and stealthy," which ought to get even the most reluctant scholar in the mood to kick homework's butt. (Amazon, $7.17)

4 /16: Ban.do agenda starter

4/16 :Ban.do agenda starter

Initiate your little scholar into the ways of staying on top of their game with this cute-as-can-be agenda starter pack from stationary staple Ban.do. No more forgotten assignments! (Ban.do, $22)

5 /16: Justice League paperclips

5/16 :Justice League paperclips

Aspiring superheroes can keep papers tidy with a little help from the Justice League. Just one question: Where's Wonder Woman? (Think Geek, $19.99)

6 /16: Pocket Pals Monster Notebooks

6/16 :Pocket Pals Monster Notebooks

School can be a little scary, but learning doesn't have to be. Especially with these adorable monster notebooks from Ooly tucked into an otherwise frightening backpack. (Amazon, $10.99)

7 /16: C.R. Gibson binder clips

7/16 :C.R. Gibson binder clips

Kids can get literally "clinch it" with a set of gorgeous inspirational binder clips from C.R. Gibson, giving that important assignment a little something extra before they have to turn it in.  (Amazon, $14.82)

8 /16: Hotdog stapler

8/16 :Hotdog stapler

Kids will look forward to putting the finishing touches on that book report with this fun-on-a-bun stapler. (Amazon, $9.43)

9 /16: Macaron erasers

9/16 :Macaron erasers

Another fun treat from Ooly, these macaron erasers look good enough to eat and smell that way too — they're vanilla-scented and are sure to be a big hit with your little one. (Amazon, $6.72)

10 /16: Creatibles DIY erasers

10/16 :Creatibles DIY erasers

If cookies aren't your kid's thing, an eraser they sculpt themselves may be just the ticket. Their teacher will probably thank you if you make them at home, though — consider it one last summertime arts and crafts session before the first bell rings. (Amazon, $11.08)

11 /16: Burrito pencil roll

11/16 :Burrito pencil roll

This multitasking and unbearably quirky roll can be used for those freshly sharpened pencils or art supplies like paintbrushes. Your kid just has to slip their supplies into the secure elastic loops and then sit back and enjoy the compliments. (Amazon, $13.95)

12 /16: Mini Monsters scented markers

12/16 :Mini Monsters scented markers

For every boring school supply like rubber bands your kid needs, there's a fun one like markers. Take it to the next level with scented markers, and bring home some kind of parenting award with scented markers that have adorable monster faces. (Amazon, $8.50)

13 /16: Star Wars Darkside inspirational pencils

13/16 :Star Wars Darkside inspirational pencils

Keep your Star Wars fan in line with these "inspirational" pencils from the Sith Lord himself. Hey, as long as they get good grades on the Dark Side, who are we to complain? (Amazon, $8.99)

14 /16: Paint Tube highlighters

14/16 :Paint Tube highlighters

For every kid who loves highlighters because it means extra reading, there's one that might need to squeeze a little extra fun out of the task. These highlighters masquerading as paint tubes could be just the ticket. (Amazon, $7.76)

15 /16: Doughnut ruler

15/16 :Doughnut ruler

Proving that everything is better with sprinkles on it, this cute doughnut ruler will have your kid inching toward the head of the class in no time. (Cotton On, $2.99)

16 /16: Gel pens

16/16 :Gel pens

Writing is more fun when you do it with glitter, pastel and neon. These assorted gel pens (in a reusable case) make a great starter set. (U Brands, $15)