16 Fun School Supplies to Make Back-to-School Exciting

Aug 9, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. ET
Fun school supplies
Image: Amazon, Ban.do, U Brands. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

There are two types of kids, it seems: the ones who love back-to-school shopping (because it means they're, you know, headed back to school and they absolutely can't wait to show off their new clothes, binders and backpacks) and the ones who need to be dragged to the seasonal aisle in Target to scoop up the bare necessities before the first bell rings. And, too, there are two types of parents: Those who prep for back-to-school season well ahead of time and those who wait until the very last possible minute to do... well, anything. (We may or may not be in the latter camp).

Whichever end of the spectrum you/your kids seem to sit on, we challenge you not to get psyched about the school supplies we've rounded up ahead. We're talking 16 unique, adorable and just plain fun back-to-school accoutrements that are just begging to find a home in your kids' (carefully selected) backpacks. Here are 15 items that put the "cool" in "back-to-school."

A version of this article was originally published in July 2017.

1 /16: Desert Sticky Page Markers by Duncan Shotton

Desert sticky page markers by Duncan Shotton
Image: Amazon.

1/16 :Desert Sticky Page Markers by Duncan Shotton

2 /16: Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Unicorn tape dispenser
Image: Amazon.

2/16 :Unicorn Tape Dispenser

3 /16: Ninja Pencils

3/16 :Ninja Pencils

4 /16: Planner Starter Pack

Ban.do planner starter pack in rose gold
Image: Ban.do.

4/16 :Planner Starter Pack

5 /16: Outer Space Stationery Set

Outer space stationery set
Image: Think Geek.

5/16 :Outer Space Stationery Set

6 /16: Pocket Pal Forest Friends Journals

Pocket Pal journal pack forest friends
Image: Amazon.

6/16 :Pocket Pal Forest Friends Journals

7 /16: C.R. Gibson Binder Clips

C.R. Gibson binder clips
Image: Amazon.

7/16 :C.R. Gibson Binder Clips

8 /16: Hot Dog Stapler

NPW hot dog stapler
Image: Amazon.

8/16 :Hot Dog Stapler

9 /16: Macaron Erasers

OOLY macaron-scented erasers
Image: Amazon.

9/16 :Macaron Erasers

10 /16: Creatibles DIY Erasers

OOLY DIY erasers
Image: Amazon.

10/16 :Creatibles DIY Erasers

11 /16: Milk Cartons Pencil Case

Funny Live waterproof milk cartons pencil case
Image: Amazon.

11/16 :Milk Cartons Pencil Case

12 /16: Mini Monsters Scented Markers

OOLY mini monsters scented markers
Image: Amazon.

12/16 :Mini Monsters Scented Markers

13 /16: 'Star Wars' Darth Vader Inspirational Pencils

Darth Vader inspirational pencils
Image: Amazon.

13/16 :'Star Wars' Darth Vader Inspirational Pencils

14 /16: Nose Pencil Sharpeners

Fun Express nose pencil sharpeners
Image: Amazon.

14/16 :Nose Pencil Sharpeners

15 /16: Doughnut Ruler

Doughnut ruler
Image: Cotton On.

15/16 :Doughnut Ruler

16 /16: Gel Pens

U Brands gel pens
Image: U Brands.

16/16 :Gel Pens