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13 Essential Products for a Germaphobe Mom

When your baby is so new and fresh, it’s easy to develop a case of germaphobia that can last up until school years and beyond. As a new mom, my diaper bag was always stockpiled with different types of hand sanitizers. I had two shopping cart covers (one for each car), and I essentially made everyone within two feet of my son wear a mask. I mean, I didn’t even want our dog near my newborn son because who knows what filth her paws brought into the house?

They say that once you have a few more kids, all of the germophobic nuances go out the (recently Windexed) window. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, because I don’t see my love for all things clean going away anytime soon. Can you relate? Here’s my list of 13 essential products for germaphobe moms.

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