9 Summer Birthday Party Themes From Pinterest

by Lindsey Hunter Lopez
Jun 7, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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For parents who love throwing themselves into planning their kids' birthday parties, Pinterest can be an amazing resource. Planning your kiddo's birthday soiree isn't just a great opportunity to celebrate your favorite little person; it can also be a creative outlet. Some hallmarks of a Pinterest party include decorated sugar cookies, metallic Mylar letter or number balloons, handmade banners and of course, a photo op backdrop! Click through to see some of the cutest themes and parties Pinterest has to offer this summer.

1 /10: Taco 'bout a party

1/10 :Taco 'bout a party

I planned a taco-themed fiesta for my son's first birthday, and it was awesome (if I do say so myself). I made a felt taco banner, some custom sombrero cupcake toppers and cactus sugar cookies, and we hired a delicious taco cart, which was the real star of the show. Use bold Southwest colors and don't forget serape decor and decorative piñatas. Check out the party details on my blog NELAmamas.com.

2 /10: Rainbow connection

2/10 :Rainbow connection

This one's been around for a minute, but rainbows are still going strong! It's a colorful and somewhat easy theme — just use rainbow colors for everything. And there are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest: a rainbow backdrop made from plastic table cloths, fruit skewers, water color sets or rainbow fairy wands as party favors. Gorgeous ideas can be found on Land of Nod's blog Honest to Nod. Related themes are unicorns, art and Trolls.

3 /10: Science lab

3/10 :Science lab

So many great possibilities with a science party! Party cup beakers, molecule models with marshmallows, petri dish Jell-O, frog dissection gummies... Pinterest is chock-full of ideas. You can tweak the theme slightly to mad scientist or even go creepy for Halloween. Little scientists can do a baking soda explosion experiment as a fun party activity. For decor, grab periodic table balloons from Etsy and make an atomic mobile out of hula-hoops! Investigate more science party tips on SunshineParties.

4 /10: Two-tti fruity

4/10 :Two-tti fruity

Check out the amazing two-tti fruity party on Pizzazzerie. A pineapple piñata, tumblers, Mylar balloons… it's all so summery. Pineapples are trendy at the moment, so they can stand on their own as a theme, but expanding to fruit in general is a bit more colorful. Watermelon party hats anyone? Choose bright, summery colors like yellow and hot pink, and don't forget the balloons.

5 /10: Camping adventure

5/10 :Camping adventure

S'mores are a given at a camping party, but go a little further with a bowl of "bear poop" (chocolate candy), "bug juice," trail mix or "fish bait" (gummy worms). Don't forget a campfire cake. Scavenger hunts or nature walks are perfect adventurous activities, and lanterns and tree stumps make great outdoorsy decor. For the ultimate camping party, make it a sleepover by setting up tents in your yard or living room. For a trendy twist, veer toward glamping. And for favors? Flashlights or DIY s'mores kits in Mason jars.

6 /10: Glow crazy

Image: Bash Party Styling

6/10 :Glow crazy

This neon theme is easy to carry out and it packs a party punch. In brief, go nuts with glow sticks! Fun glowing games include glow stick capture the flag and glow bracelet tic-tac-toe or ring toss. For decor, put glow sticks in balloons before you blow them up, make glowing toadstools and craft a neon backdrop. More great details can be found on Little Wish Parties. Adding a dance or sleepover element is cool for older kids.

7 /10: Galactic good time

7/10 :Galactic good time

Celestial treats are reason enough to throw a space-themed party. Galaxy doughnuts, lollipops and cupcakes are just few of the tasty possibilities dominating Instagram and Pinterest. And wow — there is a galaxy inside this space cake! Galaxy decorations are also out of this world. Marbled balloons, Mylar stars and moons, LED clouds and a star projector set the spacey scene. DIY slime or nebula jar charms make fun party crafts. To really play the part of galactic hostess, whip yourself up this light-up dress. View more stellar details on Paper & Cake.

8 /10: Cute kittens

8/10 :Cute kittens

Pastel and kittens are a purrfect decor combo. Stick cat ears and whiskers on everything from felt headbands to plates to balloons. And are you kitten me with these cute Etsy invites? Craft an easy backdrop with mint and pink plastic tablecloths. For favors, have guests "adopt" a stuffed kitty! Find more tips on hosting an adorable kitten party on Project Nursery. And if pups are more your style, check out this sweet puppy paw-ty.

9 /10: Mermaids under the sea

9/10 :Mermaids under the sea

An on-trend mermaid party means pretty pastels (check out these Etsy jellyfish decorations), adorable sea-themed snacks (like clam shell cookies) and seashell decor. A must: mermaid fin sugar cookies like these from Dearheart Confections. If you're artistically inclined, paint a photo op board or get this one from Etsy. Glass or balloon bubbles are a fun touch, and don't forget the crepe paper kelp. Favor ideas include treasure chest piñata prizes or bubbles. For extra bonus points, craft a seashell crown for the birthday girl. Get yourself some nets and glitter, take a look at the amazing mermaid fete thrown by Inviting Occasion and get inspired.

10 /10: Summer birthday ideas from Pinterest

Image: Getty Images/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

10/10 :Summer birthday ideas from Pinterest

Pin these party ideas to make sure your kids (or you... we're not judging) have the best ever birthday party this year.