20 Essentials for Camping With Baby

by Megan Zander
Jun 19, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

When you think of camping, you envision hot dogs around a fire and being serenaded to sleep by the sounds of nature. But it can be hard to imagine how a baby fits into to your overnight outdoor adventure. So we've rounded up the best camping gear for babies so the whole family can take part in this summer's vacation. Adventure is out there, and thanks to this camping gear, your baby can be part of it. 

1 /21: Backpack baby carrier

1/21 :Backpack baby carrier

This backpack baby carrier gives Baby a great view on hikes. Plus, it's padded to protect your back. (Buy Buy Baby, $210)

2 /21: Disposible diaper sacks

2/21 :Disposible diaper sacks

Individual diaper sacks are an easy way to contain dirty diapers while at your campsite. (Jet, $6)

3 /21: Travel high chair

3/21 :Travel high chair

A portable high chair makes it easy to feed your baby while they enjoy a view of the great outdoors. (Target, $30)

4 /21: Waterless cleansing wipes

4/21 :Waterless cleansing wipes

Bathtubs can be hard to find when you're in the woods. Keep your baby feeling fresh with a quick wipe down from these waterless cleaning cloths. (Walmart, $4)

5 /21: Travel crib

5/21 :Travel crib

This traveling crib lets your baby snooze in comfort no matter where you are. It has a clever cover design to keep out bugs and sun while still letting you peek in. (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $100)

6 /21: Reusable diaper

6/21 :Reusable diaper

This washable cloth diaper system is a great way to introduce your baby to a basic camping idea — leave no waste behind. (Gerber, $14)

7 /21: Happy camper onesie

7/21 :Happy camper onesie

Let everyone know just how excited your baby is to be there with this adorable 'happy camper' onesie. (Baby Threds FL/Etsy, $16)

8 /21: Baby bug spray & sunscreen

8/21 :Baby bug spray & sunscreen

Baby-safe sunscreen and bug repellant is a must to protect your little one from sun and bugs. (Target, $17)

9 /21: S'mores teether

9/21 :S'mores teether

This s'more-shaped teether is a fun way to let your baby join in on a timeless camping tradition. (Buy Buy Baby, $6)

10 /21: Travel play yard

10/21 :Travel play yard

A portable play yard gives your baby a safe place to explore while you cook food or tend to the fire. (Target, $80)

11 /21: Wearable blanket

11/21 :Wearable blanket

A wearable blanket will keep Baby comfortable when the night gets a little chilly. (Buy Buy Baby, $18)

12 /21: Travel sound machine

12/21 :Travel sound machine

A battery-operated sound machine lets you bring the soothing sounds of home with you so your baby will fall asleep easily. (Target, $10)

13 /21: Tiger baby bib

13/21 :Tiger baby bib

This silicone bib wipes down easily so you don't have to do the wash while you're on vacation. (Ulubulu, $9)

14 /21: Campfire playset

14/21 :Campfire playset

With this stuffed campfire playset, your baby can have a completely safe marshmallow roast of their own. (Land of Nod, $69)

15 /21: Battery-operated swing

15/21 :Battery-operated swing

A battery-operated, foldable infant swing lets you bring one of Baby's biggest comforts with you while camping. (Target, $43)

16 /21: Play tent

16/21 :Play tent

This pint-size tent is a great place for baby to play during the day. (Amazon, $29)

17 /21: Formula dispenser

17/21 :Formula dispenser

This formula dispenser can hold up to three servings of formula, each in its own compartment. It's an easy way to feed your baby while you're enjoying nature. (The Honest Company, $7)

18 /21: Pacifier clip

18/21 :Pacifier clip

A pacifier clip is a camping must-have if your baby uses a binky. It helps keep things in your baby's mouth and out of the dirt. (Target, $5 for three)

19 /21: Disposable bottle liners

19/21 :Disposable bottle liners

These drop-in baby bottle liners save you from using camp water to scrub bottles. (Target, $5 for 100)

20 /21: Travel playmat

20/21 :Travel playmat

This padded playmat lets your baby explore the ground without actually being on it. (RuMe, $25)

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